Astral Ascent, the proven of The Coral Archipelago update

Astral Ascent, the proven of The Coral Archipelago update

Astral Ascent

We told you how the early access version of Astral Ascent impressed us when we got to try it for several hours. The process that will bring this particular roguelike to its definitive debut is still long, but today we are here to tell you about how this process has been shortened by a further step. The Coral Archipelago is, in fact, the first major update that adds several new features to the game and officially launches the massive post-launch support (there should still be two major updates before the final publication).

So we reveal the details in our tried-and-tested Astral Ascent update The Coral Archipelago.

Octave the gunslinger

Astral Ascent: the archipelago The first big news of this content addition is definitely the new character: Octave. Astral Ascent players have already been able to get to know the young gunslinger, as his model was already inserted within the game hub. Now, however, we can help Octave avenge his mother. Without too many spoilers, the plot of Octave is certainly very interesting and going to dig into the memories of the young man will be a nice dip in the writing skills shown by Hibernian Workshop.

What is interesting though is the Octave gameplay. A totally ranged character who uses the summoning of two ethereal guns to strike opponents. The peculiarity of him, however, is the possibility of inflicting massive damage if the gunshots are exploded in close combat, but with the risk of exposing himself a lot. Octave does not have very fast basic shots and therefore the choice of a long-distance fight would seem the wisest choice, however his variables allow a greater focus on the relationship between risk and reward. We found its way of being used really satisfying and able to offer numerous variables to the already nourished and full-bodied combat system.

Another element not to be underestimated is the fact that Octave brings with him 11 new skills to use in battle. Already in the first trial, we underlined how the great variety of Auras available to users made the gameplay of Astral Ascent one of the most stimulating in circulation in its genre, even more so now with this update, we found ourselves in front of a plethora of possibilities that make each loop different with the almost total absence of repetitiveness in terms of combinations of found powers.

Archipelago and Zodiac Signs

Astral Ascent: The room of the Sun The two other big news reside in the new world and in the new zodiac signs. As for the last ones, there are two introductions within what is the ranks of the guardians of the celestial prison, or the sign of Pisces and Scorpio. These two new clashes are truly incredible. Like any zodiac "boss", the maniacality in the care and originality of the fights is truly commendable as well as the kinematics of meeting these enemies.

Different speech for the new world. The archipelago is a marine place that brings with it several new enemies and which, although on an artistic level it continues to satisfy for the quality of the seabed and the originality of the creatures, it leaves us a bit disappointed for the wasted possibilities in terms of level design creativity. . The pattern of creation of the environments, although it changes for the kind of obstacles (water replacing fire or plants), remains the same as in the previous worlds and offers little challenge in mere terms of exploration.

Astral Ascent: the room of the Moon On the other hand, the new rooms that the archipelago has introduced are appreciable, above all those of the Sun and the Moon, but you will have to discover their importance. Increasing the variety of choice of rooms to go through to get to the end of the loop was something that was needed, as was the ability to summon NPCs to help us. This not only increases the gameplay variables, but it all offers greater narrative value, as these allies are then some of the figures we talk to in the gaming hub.

Contour additions

Astral Ascent: the Void Then we have to list a whole series of novelties that are certainly less high-sounding than those mentioned above, but which still have a fair amount of importance in various areas of both play and quality of life. In fact, we are talking about integration with cloud saves, so as not to lose your progress in many unpleasant or unexpected situations. Even the introduction of new types of animated portraits is a minor novelty which however increases the artistic value of a game that wants to continue to have a strong personality. Finally, the new system of synergies between the Auras is clearly an added value, but it is automatic since 11 new enchantments have been added to the game's skill pool. Also noteworthy is the presence of some new mid-bosses within the Void, really difficult and challenging.

The Coral Archipelago is a substantial update and demonstrates how Hibernian Workshop is really aiming for support. massive in view of the release on PC and console of the definitive version in 2023. Octave amplifies the possibilities of gameplay, as well as the eleven new skills increase the layering and the variety of combinations possible for each game. The small implementations, on the other hand, support a decidedly optimal quality of life in the game.


Octave is interesting to use New Zodiac Signs, beautiful and fun to face A lot of variety DOUBTS With the Archipelago yes could have dared more Have you noticed any mistakes?

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