Red Magic 7S Pro, a champion for gaming

Red Magic 7S Pro, a champion for gaming

Red Magic 7S Pro

Red Magic 7S Pro soon climbed the benchmark rankings proving to be currently the best performing Android smartphone in bench tests. This gaming phone continues on the path traced by the predecessor Red Magic 7 Pro by making several improvements starting from the presence of the brand new Snapdragon 8+ gen 1 chip based on Tmsc's 4-nanometer production process that improves the performance of the generation by as much as 30% previous one. The design remains almost unchanged compared to the past and also the backbone of the technical sheet, on the other hand the winning team does not change.

With a comic-style packaging, Red Magic 7S Pro offers a rich and complete standard equipment that includes the 65 watt fast charger and the usb type-c cable, the useful simple silicone cover and the manuals. It is certainly pleased that the price has also remained the same as the launch of the flagship that proceeded it: we tried the newcomer for a few weeks, here are our impressions.

Tamarro, without exaggerating The design resumes in broad lines that of Red Magic 7, thus offering a tamarro device the right one, without exaggerating. Quality is not lacking, with the use of aircraft grade aluminum for the frame which is solid and resistant without getting too heavy. The back changes some details of the square that occupies the central part, there are always cameras with flash to create a sort of square in the slightly raised housing of the cameras and a double strip of multicolored LEDs that can be used not only in game, but also to create visual effects on calls, when recharging the battery or as notifications.

The RedMagic 7s Pro purchase package

There are three colors with obsidian black which is opaque, while the Supernova and Mercury colors let you glimpse the underlying components, for a more suggestive effect. The now iconic fan of the cooling system (from 20000 rpm) is placed on the left, while the grille for sucking air is placed near the photo module. The other grid present is that of the powerful speaker, which works in conjunction with the popular 3.5 mm jack.

There is no shortage of touch-sensitive triggers, ideal in play when holding the smartphone in panoramic mode. Given all the good things on board, we are not in front of a thin slice: Red Magic 7S Pro is heavy (235 grams) and thick (10 mm) and you can feel it if you play for a long time, but it is the price to pay for so much power. under the body. Too bad for the absence of a memory expansion via microsd.

High quality processor and battery Cooling fan control

The new Snapdragon 8+ gen 1 chip significantly improves performance greatly extending the life of the 5000 mAh battery, which reaches the end of the busy day without problems and recharges to 100% in 40 minutes, even if after 20 minutes you have enough energy for the whole day. The display performs great in game thanks to touch sampling at 720 Hz, but has a few minor readability issues with the sun against, as the brightness isn't great. This amoled reaches a diagonal of 6.8 inches with 10-bit color, supports hdr10 and hlg for maximum multimedia.

The photographic menu of RedMagic 7s Pro

The photographic side does its duty without shining, on the other hand it is not a phonino so it is limited to good photos with abundant sun, but suffers dark and subjects too fast. The 64 megapixel main eye with 0.7┬Ám pixels, accompanied by an 8 megapixel wide angle lens which is also good during the day and an almost useless 2 megapixel macro. The selfie camera under the 16 megapixel screen is more than acceptable for selfies and video calls, better than the previous version. You can shoot 8k videos at 30 fps and with hdr thanks to the special Spectra Isp dedicated chip.

RedMagic 7s Pro detects the heartbeat through the fingerprint scanner

RedMagic 7S Pro is governed by Redmagic 5.5 interface based on Android 12 with some goodies such as the measurement of the heartbeat through the fingerprint scanner under the display and the Game space information window that shows the working frequency of cpu and gpu, frames per second in real time and supports the Discord chat, in addition to the interesting Redmagic Studio feature that allows you to send the game (via cable) from a smartphone to a Windows PC with keyboard and mouse to play more efficiently. Finally, Touch Choreographer promises to increase the display refresh rate in increments of 1 or 10 Hz based on the content shown.

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