Prey: unsolved questions of the new chapter of the Predator saga

Prey: unsolved questions of the new chapter of the Predator saga


Prey has brought the Predator franchise back to the fore, conquering a space in the schedule of Disney +, the streaming service of the entertainment giant. After years of productions related to the not exactly convincing franchise, to put it mildly, Dan Trachtbenberg's film has the merit of presenting itself to fans with a story that, while not shining for originality, entertains and shows a clash between men and Yautja exciting and adrenaline. The good response that Prey is having with viewers seems to indicate that the Predator saga is about to embark on a renaissance, a potential that could shed light on some unsolved questions about Prey.

Subscribe now to Disney + a 8 , € 99 per month or € 89.90 per year The adventure of the young Naru (Amber Midthunder) has moved the time line of the saga back in time, contrary to the contemporary setting tradition of the other films, presenting itself as a prequel to the first Predator . This made Prey a chronological starting point, but as we will see, it placed the film in a precarious adherence to continuity, which can only be resolved through subsequent chapters (or series, given the presence of Disney +). But for now, there are still many unsolved questions after Prey's vision.

What are the unsolved questions of Prey, the new chapter in the Predator saga?

What happened to the ship of the Predator = Is the Feral Predator the first Yautja to visit Earth? Why doesn't the Predator have a plasma cannon? Why doesn't Naru take the Predator's equipment? How will the Predators get Andolini's gun? Will we see Naru against the Predators again?

What happened to the Predator ship?

The question we all asked ourselves: what happened to the ship Yautja? Appearing at the beginning of Prey to show us the arrival of the Predator, this vessel has completely disappeared from the rest of the film, after the Feral Predator began its hunt.

This absence may be motivated by the presence of a auto-pilot, which once the hunter's landing is completed returns the alien vessel to its native world, or continues its route with other hunters on board, taking them to their respective destinations. Alternatively, more Yautja may be present on the ship as a crew, which could suggest that there are more Predators waiting to confront the Comanche tribe in order to avenge the fallen companion

The Feral Predator is the first Yautja to visit Earth?

Dane DiLiegro as the Predator in 20th Century Studios' PREY , exclusively on Hulu. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studios. .. 2022 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved. Following this chronology, Alien Vs Predator (2008) tells how the Predators had chosen Earth as their hunting ground for millennia as demonstrated by the astonishing discovery of the Weyland Expedition in 2004. In this sense, the Feral Predator does not seem to be the first Yautja to arrive on our world.

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Why doesn't the Predator have a plasma cannon?

"The first thing I wanted to eliminate was the plasma cannon. It was like providing the Predator with a game of victory. Instead, I wanted the fight to be as exciting as possible, without depriving it of all its advantages. It will not have all the gadgets we have seen in previous films in the franchise, but it will have new toys that the public will like "

Given the historical setting, almost three hundred years before Predator, Trachtenberg's idea was to present a Predator that, while technologically superior to the Comanche, was not as advanced as the Yautja of the future.

Why doesn't Naru prey on the Predator's equipment?

Harlan Kywayhat as Itsee in 20th Century Studios' PREY, exclusively on Hulu. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studios. .. 2022 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

How will the Predators take Andolini's gun?

Fans of the franchise quickly recognized Rafael Andolini's famous flintlock pistol in Prey, the trophy with which the Yautja paid homage to Mike Hannigan (Danny Glover) in Predator 2. This weapon is considered one of the strong points of Predator's chronology, thanks to having engraved a precise date on the handle (1715) and having appeared in a comic story, Predator: 1718, in which its origin was explained .

The question now remains as to how the 1997 Predators could have possessed this weapon, making the presence of the weapon in Prey one of the most complex questions of the saga. In the comic Predator: 1718, Captain Rafael Andolini in 1718 was a pirate, who during a raid finds a treasure owned by a church. Andolini wants to make it, the crew mutiny and tries to kill him during a stop on an island. Here a Predator sees Andolini facing his crew and considers him a valid prey, but as he is about to face him he finds himself instead to join him as his crew attacks him there. After the battle, Andolini and the Predator are about to duel, but a sailor hits Andolini from behind, mortally wounding him. The Predator, after killing the sailor, reaches the dying Andolini, who gives him his weapon saying 'Take it', a gesture considered as a gift from one hunter to another. Same sentence with which the gun was given to Harrigan in Predator 2.

The presence of this weapon in Prey is due, as confirmed by the director, not from the desire to create a fixed point in the continuity of the saga, when to make a real Predator 2 easter egg:

"The flint gun that appears in the film, the weapon of Predator 2, does not come from our warehouse, since a toolmaker sought her, but could not be found. The only way he was able to find it was through YouTube, where he saw a fan making reruns of it, and saw it on a shelf behind him. So I contacted her and we got the gun, it was practically given to us by a fan of the saga "

Net of this daring story, the presence of the 'flintock pistol' can be accepted as part of the continuity of the saga, aware that the short comic story Predator: 1718, contained in the anthology A Decade of Dark Horse, has never been expressly declared canonical. This leaves, however, the question of how this weapon arrived in the armory of the Yautja of Predator 2. But given the presence of this weapon in other chapters of the saga, we can assume that this mystery will probably be revealed in the future, or it will remain one of Prey's unsolved questions.

Will we see Naru against the Predators again?

Prey ends with the victory of Naru, who could become a key figure in the franchise. Considering the tradition of the Yautja not to leave unpunished those who defeat a similar one, as told in other media, one would wonder if the companions of the Feral Predator will return to demand revenge on the Great Planes. The ending of Prey is one of the unsolved questions of the film, as it shows a final sequence that, taking up the pictorial style typical of the Indians, tells of the battle of the Comanche against the Yautja, but in this drawing there are two alien ships. While fans want to see in this detail a sign of a possible follow-up for Prey, director Dan Trachtenberg made no secret of his hopes:

“The nerd in me looked as far forward as possible, since where he could, before we started writing this movie, but the adult in me said, “Don't get carried away and be careful. Try to make the best film possible, straight to the goal '. Leaving aside the sequence of the credits, there is something consoling in seeing a film that is not just the first part of something else, there is something beautiful in seeing a complete thought. On the other hand, I love it that what should have been a post-credit scene in other films is an animated sequence in our film. Our ending is pure storytelling. "

Amber Midthunder as Naru in 20th Century Studios' PREY, exclusively on Hulu. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studios. .. 2022 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved. Prey is currently Hulu's best debut product, and while there is currently no news on a sequel, Prey's success could be a sign of a restart for the franchise.

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