PC webcam | The best of 2022

PC webcam | The best of 2022

Regardless of the type of hardware sought, having to change or make a new purchase is always a big deal. To begin with, it is essential to have in mind the type of use you want to do: nowadays webcams are basically used for everything, from live shows on the most famous portals such as Twitch and YouTube to real job interviews; or, why not, for a family call or with your girlfriend.

Once the use has been identified, other questions then arise, mainly related to price and quality. Here is what we are going to do in this article: we will try to provide you with the answers to these questions, trying to cover every target audience. The options to consider are numerous, starting from the type of setup you want to create, based on your PC and the space available, up to the quality you are looking for. In recent years the quality of the webcam images has drastically improved, up to proposing HD and Full HD footage or even 4K formats, entered by default in the preferences of those who live stream on various platforms. For this, we have drawn up a short and intense guide containing all the information and features to be carefully evaluated during the purchase phase, without excluding anything. In addition, we have proposed some of the most valid cams, based on the type of use. Without going further, let's go into the details of the world dedicated to PC cams.

A brief overview: how to choose a cam?

If you do not have the time or desire to read in detail all the important and various information regarding the cams, we have decided to simplify your work with a very short dedicated overview. You have the opportunity to observe closely and, not least, in a few lines you will be able to understand all the possibilities in front of you:

Resolution: HD (720p) for video calls, Full HD (1080p) for video game streaming, Ultra HD (2160p) for full screen video and talk shows. Camera: Zeiss optics (webcam with zoom and wide viewing angle). Software: special program from which to manage the production of photos and videos (check the support for your operating system). Microphone: essential if you do not have an external device capable of capturing the voice, but of secondary importance for streamers, as they are certainly already equipped with the necessary equipment. Extra: make sure the camera supports autofocus. It may sound trivial but it is extremely important as well as a significant increase in video quality.

Webcams for everyone

Living in a period in which the use of the network is increasingly predominant, it is difficult not to start with streamers, that is, all those people who play or chat live. In this case, although you may think that a "premium webcam" is necessarily necessary, it really depends: if your work mainly concerns the creation of gameplay, keep in mind that, most likely, your setup provides that 90% of the screen is occupied by the video game and the remaining 10% by your beautiful face. At this point, why spend so much money on products capable of supporting insane resolutions, perhaps 4K, for such a small video source? Yeah, it makes little sense. In your case, a 1080p webcam with an average microphone (the quality of the integrated microphone does not matter, if you stream you will necessarily use an external microphone) is more than enough; in other cases, however, for example those who are used to making talk shows and often show themselves in full screen, it becomes necessary to invest also in resolution, focusing on 4K models.

Let's put aside for a moment the world of streaming and that of video games, dealing with more common uses and inserted in the routine of people outside these universes. Even a simple call with relatives or a job interview, in fact, requires a webcam, especially if you do not have a laptop and therefore an integrated camera to be exploited. In these cases, since these are sporadic occasions or which in any case do not require high quality, it is advisable to focus on average devices, devices that do their own without overdoing it (HD resolution).

Photos, videos and software

The webcam models belonging to the most famous development houses, an example is Logitech, also come with a software designed specifically for the creation of videos and photos. The more geeks among you will obviously already know this, but, as mentioned, even a webcam - especially if it is well made - can help you to make small multimedia productions. Needless to say, all this has its limits: in fact, if for photos it could be good, for the creation of videos it might not already be suitable for the best. However, as always, it also depends on the extent of what you want to do.

How does it work in most cases? Simple! Connect the USB cable to your computer, wait for the installation of the drivers and the appropriate software, and you are ready. Once this is done you just have to browse through the different settings of the program or decide whether to take a shot or prepare for a video.

In case you are not at all interested in these features and all you want is to go live on the your Twitch channel, all you have to do is connect the webcam (after installing it), open OBS, add a new video capture device and finally select it.

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