Lil Gator Game: Beta invitations are scams, warns Playtonic Games

Lil Gator Game: Beta invitations are scams, warns Playtonic Games

Lil Gator Game

Lil Gator Game beta invitations are scams. This is said by the publisher Playtonic Games, as well as the developer of Yooka-Laylee, who wanted to alert his entire community via social network, evidently the most affected by the risk of scam.

An image of Lil Gator Game Lil Gator Game is scheduled for this year on Nintendo Switch and other platforms. Someone, whose identity is still mysterious, is offering access to the beta test of the game, but it is a real scam, designed to steal user data.

Playtonic Games has stated that in case it starts a beta testing phase for Lil Gator Game, it would make the announcement through its social networks. Then he asked: "Do not click on the links provided in the scam messages! If you receive any message claiming to be from Playtonic, please let us know. Stay safe!"

In Lil Gator Game players will face an adorable adventure, making new friends and discovering all that a mysterious island has to offer them. The game is scheduled for release within the current year, although there is no definitive launch date yet.

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Yooka-Laylee Developer Playtonic Warns Of 'Lil Gator Game' Scam

Lil Gator GameImage: Playtonic Friends, MegaWobble / via Steam

The Yooka-Laylee developer and publisher Playtonic Games has issued a warning via social media about a new scam currently doing the rounds - linked to a game it's publishing.

It seems 'someone' is offering a beta test opportunity for MegaWobble's Lil Gator Game. scheduled to be released on the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms this year. Apparently, it's actually a scam.

Here's the full rundown from Playtonic, advising players not to click any links provided in scam messages:

'It has come to our attention that someone is offering beta testing for Lil Gator Game. We can confirm this is a SCAM and not from Playtonic or @LilGatorGame. If we were offering this to our communities we would announce it on our Twitter and not via any other channels.

'Please do NOT click the links provided in the scam message! If you receive any suspicious messages claiming to be from Playtonic please let us know. Stay safe everyone'

In Lil Gator Game, players will embark on an 'adorable' adventure - discover new friends and uncover everything an island has to offer as they climb, swim, glide and slide about. You can learn about this game in our original story:

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Be on the lookout for a Lil Gator release date announcement in the near future.

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