Hasbro presents the fourth Wave dedicated to the characters of the Disney Plus series

Hasbro presents the fourth Wave dedicated to the characters of the Disney Plus series

The Disney Plus series are increasingly present in the MCU panorama, Jennifer Walters has recently arrived, for example, and so also the rooster of characters transposed into action figures produced by Hasbro, for the Marvel Legends Series Disney Plus line is becoming more and more abundant . The latest proposals of the American company concern the Wave with other characters taken from What If ... ?, Wandavision, Loki and will have as Superbonus the parts to compose a further figure (the Build-A-Figure) of the God Khonshu, of which Moon Knight is the earthly avatar.

Let's remember, for those who missed her that in the first Wave (which we reviewed on these pages almost a year ago) there were Scarlet Witch, Visione White, Loki TVA, U.S. Agent, Winter Soldier, Zemo and Captain America (Sam Wilson). Collecting all the releases it was possible to assemble the huge wings of Captain America.

In the second Wave, dedicated entirely to the What If…? there were characters from Zombie Captain America, T’Challa Star-Lord, Captain Carter, Zombie Hunter Spider-Man, Doctor Strange Supreme, Heist Nebula, Sylvie (this one from Loki) and lastly the gigantic The Hydra Stomper. By purchasing all the releases of this second Wave it is possible to compose the exclusive figure of l'Osservatore.

Between the first wave, the second and the next one, the figures of Mobius, Hawkeye, Kate Bishop have also been announced , Moon Knight, Mr. Knight, Ms. Marvel, Sharon Carter and She-Hulk, although not all together, which will contain the pieces to compose the fearsome Infinity Ultron.

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Where to buy them?

The figures are currently in pre-order on the various online and physical stores at a suggested cost of about 30.00 euros with an estimated release for the spring of 2023. If you are interested in the various products we leave you the list with all the figures available in pre-order.

»Click here for Classic Loki

» Click here for Howard the Duck

»Click here for Red Skull

» Click here for Zombie Iron Man

»Click here for Zombie Scarlet Witch

» Click here for He Who Remains

»Click here for Agent Jimmy Woo

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