Derail, review: the obsessive and calculating side of love

Derail, review: the obsessive and calculating side of love

Derail, review

Planet Manga presents a Boy's Love in which the sweet side of love yields to the calculating and obsessive one, a story in which the two protagonists establish a relationship of dependence, possession and passion between them. Derail was born from the mind of Aiba Kyoko and was serialized in 2020 in Shodensha's On Blue magazine. Derail is a unique volume that will satisfy the fantasies of any fujoushi!

Derail - Planet Manga, review “Stupid Hikaru. You could have been with anyone but I made you believe I was your only choice. Yes, I induced you to choose me over the others, counting on your good heart! "

Derail: an obsession called love

Haru and Hikaru are the protagonists of Derail. The two have been friends since elementary school and each of them believes they know perfectly well what the other thinks. Now grown up and university students, the two have decided to go to live together and not only, but also to attend the same course. Their relationship seems to be going well until Hikaru brings home a mate, breaking the "no woman under this roof" rule. And that's when their relationship takes an unexpected turn. Furious with jealousy towards his friend Haru, he begins to change his attitude towards Hikaru, towards whom he feels an excessive obsession and a morbid attachment. Because no one can have Hikaru, he belongs to him, only he can give him what he needs.| ); }
Derail-Planet Manga, review That's when he starts to tease him, to send out signals that leave no doubt in Haru's mind: Hikaru feels something towards her, something that goes beyond friendship. But if Haru craves Hikaru so badly that he doesn't leave him to anyone, the same can be said of Hikaru, who wants nothing more than to belong to him and be subdued by Haru. Their friendship soon gives way to an ever more passionate desire, until they both realize they have exactly the same feelings.

Derail: in love there are no calculations

The relationship between Haru and Hikaru is an almost obsessive addictive relationship: both can't do without the other, but still can't give their relationship a name. Simple friendship or something more? But what does this mean in this second case? Boyfriends, lovers? Since they met, they have done nothing but derail, two trains that follow the same track but never cross each other. Because they both have deep feelings for each other, but neither has ever dared to think of being reciprocated.

Derail - Planet Manga, review What he did not take into account, however, is that the love is not a mathematical equation. It is not logical, there are no operations made of numbers that lead to a single invalidable solution. What he did not take into account is that Hikaru is already in love with him and his calculations start to give incorrect results from the first moment he decides to take a step too big, that is to have sex with Hikaru, jealous that the boy had brought a friend of hers into their home, thus breaking the rule of not inviting any woman and consequently unleashing Haru's furious jealousy. But when Hikaru is finally in his arms, Haru realizes that something is wrong: the immense happiness that Hikaru feels when his friend finally makes him his and that, according to his calculations, he shouldn't have felt why. their relationship had not yet reached that stage.

Some more information about the manga

Derail is a well done psychological story, a yaoi that explores the more morbid and obsessive side of love. It is certainly not a sweet and romantic story that we have in our hands, quite the contrary. A little gem for those looking for a reading that is not all pink and flowers. Stunning designs, with strong and sensual lines and particular attention to detail. No censorship, the author has perfectly managed to represent the sexual tension that exists between the two characters and their desires with erotic scenes overflowing with passion.

The edition that Planet Manga presents to us is quite simple. A single volume with a captivating dust jacket that sees the two protagonists in the foreground, Haru on the front and Hikaru on the back. The story is relatively short and hasty in its conclusion. It would be interesting to find out how the relationship between the two boys has improved and developed after they became a couple.

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