Car starter: the best-selling on Amazon, on holiday discount!

Car starter: the best-selling on Amazon, on holiday discount!

Car starter

Holidays are imminent, mid-August is upon us, and it is plausible that you are about to leave for the long-awaited summer vacation. However, if what awaits you is a trip on tires, be they those of a car, a motorbike or a camper, it is a good idea to leave well prepared, in order to avoid getting stuck on the edges of hot and busy roads. .

For this reason, we suggest today that you consider purchasing this excellent jump starter, which I will be able to help you if, for example, the strong heat of this summer contributes to prematurely discharging the battery of your car (trust me, these things happen!).

The price, after all, is excellent and we are talking about a product, created by the emerging brand Flylinktech, which has quickly established itself as one of the best choices available on Amazon, as on other similar portals. I

We are talking about just € 59.99, against the € 90 of the original price and on which, until August 14, you can also save an additional 15% thanks to a coupon that can be activated directly on the product page, which will lower the price down to € 50.99, with a net saving of almost € 40!

Capable of delivering 800 Amps, this small jump starter is great for both cars and motorcycles, so as for many other devices equipped with batteries, such as campers, vans, snowmobiles and small boats.

Not to mention, we are talking about the best-selling device on Amazon, as certified by the same platform, whose quality is currently certified by over 4,400 user reviews on the platform, and a decidedly high average star compared to the competition.

An excellent product, capable of restarting your means of transport up to 30 times with a single recharge, and which can be useful when traveling not only for emergencies related to your vehicle, but also for recharging small devices, such as notebooks, tablets or smartphones, given its function as a powerbank.

Not only that, this starter has a small integrated LED flashlight, very useful in an emergency, and is even water resistant, complete with IP67 certification, which also protects it from dust and makes it usable, without danger, even in case of rain!

Designed with a safety system that eliminates the possibility of explosions and polarity inversion, and which prevents the clamp from short-circuiting or overloading, this Flylinktech brand starter is certainly a precious and useful friend, to be bought practically immediately given the excellent double discount offered by the portal!

Read also: V summer acanze: the best cars to travel In short, we are talking about a really excellent product, perfect for facing the next holidays by car or motorbike, and able to support you also for recharging your smartphone. That said, we just have to refer you directly to the item purchase page, inviting you to complete your purchase before it is sold out or, worse, returns to the original price.

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N.B. Remember to check the appropriate coupon box before completing your purchase, so you will get an extra discount!

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Drivers are AMAZED by the correct use of common button in their car – and it’ll help you save fuel

DRIVERS have been sharing their amazement as what this button in their car after most never knew.

TikTok star 'Megan's Bubble' regularly posts hints and tips on social media site across a range of subjects including cars.

This handy tip could save you fuel and therefore money


This handy tip could save you fuel and therefore moneyCredit: TikTok/@megansbubble

The video begins with the caption 'Car tips and tricks I bet you didn't know what this car button is actually used for...'

Megan says: 'Things you should know before you're 30, let's go.'

It then cuts to a shot of a car's automatic start-stop button, which on her car is located on the centre console between the front seats.

Megan says: 'If you have a button that looks like this in your car, this is your automatic start-stop button.

'It's going to automatically shut down your vehicle when it's stationary for a long time.

'Like when you're sitting at a stop light at at a Starbuck's drive-through.

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'It's supposed to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions.'

Although start-stop technology on cars has been around for decades, it didn't really kick off until around 2008.

Most new cars now come with it and more and more models had it fitted over the past 14 years.

Not everybody likes their engine stopping and starting all the time, but it will save you fuel and therefore money over the months and years.

There's also a myth that it does damage to your start motor and engine - cars with start-stop tech have been engineered to cope with it.

The car's electronic brain will work out when it can and can't be used based on lots of different factors including the engine's temperature.

The button is likely to have an A within a circle, but if you're struggling to find it, check your car's manual or ask a dealer.

The Megan


The Megan's Bubble channel often offers handy tips to driversCredit: TikTok/@megansbubbleThe automatic stop-start button <a href="">will help you</a> save fuel if switched on


The automatic stop-start button will help you save fuel if switched onCredit: TikTok/@megansbubble

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