A Plague Tale: Requiem, a look at gameplay before Gamescom

A Plague Tale: Requiem, a look at gameplay before Gamescom

A Plague Tale

With the title's release date approaching, Asobo Studio is starting to show more material related to the studio's next title: A Plague Tale: Requiem. After the success of the first chapter of the series, A Plague Tale: Innocence and continuing to collaborate with the publisher Focus Home Interactive, this sequel seems to have all the credentials to replicate the excellent results obtained by its predecessor.

In A Plague Tale: Requiem, we will find ourselves following the journey of Hugo and Amicia to the 14th century southern France before setting sail to a mysterious island in the Mediterranean Sea. The path hides a terrible fate and players will have to find a cure for Hugo's disease thanks to Amicia's new resources. Among these, we will have the use of alchemy to manipulate fire, the long-range power of a crossbow, its cunning use of the terrain and its ability to fight to escape the grip of enemies. With the help of Hugo's new powers, we will be able to choose whether to strike while hiding in the shadows or face dangers openly. These new abilities, in fact, allow the protagonist to perceive the movements of the surrounding enemies as she stealthily moves and manipulate hordes of mice to decimate entire squads of soldiers.| ); }
A Plague Tale: Requiem, in fact, will be released on October 18 on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, PC and in Cloud version on Nintendo Switch. The title will also be available on Game Pass for both Xbox and PC. In addition, for lovers of physical copies, the game is also available in an interesting limited edition.

'A Plague Tale: Requiem' Drops New Gameplay Trailer Ahead of October Release

Three years since the launch of the first game, A Plague Tale is now only two months out from the release of its sequel Requiem, and Focus Entertainment has just offered a fresh look at its gameplay over on YouTube. Set following the events of A Plague Tale: Innocence, the new title will reunite players with Hugo and Amicia, who are now venturing through the south of France during the 14th century before setting sail to a mysterious island in the Mediterranean Sea in hopes of finding a cure for Hugo's illness.

While the game will retain a large part of its stealth elements, there'll also be new mechanics such as Hugo's new powers, which Focus describes as the ability 'to perceive surrounding enemies' movements while moving stealthily and manipulate hordes of rats to decimate entire squads of soldiers.'

For fans of the franchise, A Plague Tale: Requiem will arrive on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC on October 18. Those who attend this year's Gamescom will also be able to try out the first chapter of the game.

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