Solving an Intel Alder Lake problem could void your warranty

Solving an Intel Alder Lake problem could void your warranty

We have told you several times in the past about an issue that plagues motherboards that support the latest Intel Alder Lake processors and that several users have tried to solve in various ways. We are referring to the age-old situation of the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) which after several hours of operation assumes a concave shape due to the Independent Loading Mechanism (ILM) which presses strongly on the central part of the processor.

Photo Credit: Igor's Lab Intel has officially spoken out on the matter to our American colleagues at, stating:

We have not received any reports of 12th Generation Intel Core processors operating outside specifications due to changes to the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS). Our internal data shows that the IHS on 12th generation desktop processors may have a slight dip after being installed in the socket. This slight dip is expected and does not cause the processor to run out of specification. We strongly recommend not to make any changes to the socket or to the Independent Loading Mechanism. Such changes would result in processor operation outside of specifications and could void any product warranties.| ); }
However, it should be considered that, according to independent tests carried out, for example, by Igor's Lab, by making a simple modification with washers, lower temperatures were obtained, which could lead the CPU to maintain its Boost frequencies for longer and, consequently, provide greater performance.

Photo Credit: Igor's Lab

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