Hacking group spreads 20 years of Russian state media emails

Hacking group spreads 20 years of Russian state media emails

The hacker group Network Battalion 65 (also known as NB65) claimed to have spread more than 900,000 emails in the state media of the Russian Federation. It would be over 20 years of communications from VGTRK, the Russian state radio and television company, which the group, close to the well-known collective Anonymous, would have shared on the well-known non-profit dissemination site DDoSecret.

According to the group on Twitter, 870 GB of data would have been released, the content of which should concern the daily operations of the network, but also the sanctions imposed on Russia by other countries due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Update on the VGTRK work: Overnight before we lost our access (Russian blue teams are shit) we grabbed another 130GB that will be included in the full dump. We've partnered up with a group to host it. More details about that soon. Total data being prepared for release is 870GB.

- NB65 (@ xxNB65) March 26, 2022

VGTRK is the largest media company in Russian territory, and operates five national television stations, two international networks, five radio stations and over 80 regional radio and television networks. The network also owns the Rossiya Segodnya news agency, which itself runs the Sputnik news agency. The company has been accused several times of spreading disinformation and manipulating news on behalf of the Kremlin, a particularly significant figure given that the well-known Rossiya 1 program reaches 98.5% of the Russian population, with an international version followed in much of the world. that is, in Europe, North Africa, China, the United States and the Middle East.| ); }

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