Red Magic 7 Pro review: the most powerful gaming phone

Red Magic 7 Pro review: the most powerful gaming phone

Red Magic 7 Pro review

We had the opportunity to preview what looks like the most powerful gaming phone of 2022 or Red Magic 7 Pro. Taking as a basis the excellent foundations placed by previous generations, the new smartphone that will be released on the markets at the end of April pushes hard on hardware with all the most advanced and performing components available today, very cleverly sacrificing some small details in order to maintain the price at a very attractive level. The choice of placing the camera below the display is singular, an expedient to keep the surprisingly clean and linear design for a device of this category.

A design that is not too tamarro The illuminated fan that runs at full capacity

Until recently, the comparison between gaming phones and cars modified with tuning made sense, given that the classic components far more performing alternatives were replaced not only under the body, but also at the bodywork level. The result, however, was often a generous firepower and a design a little too tamarro with extreme lines, intense colors and a little too many LED lights. Certainly Red Magic 7 Pro is still far from minimalism and sobriety, but we managed to find a good compromise with the front completely clean and without even the visible camera and an aggressive rear just right, with the metal portion central which houses the multi-chamber at the top and all around a very pleasant transparent glass armor. Even if the visible components are actually only printed for the benefit of aesthetics, the fan that can be admired when it is activated up to 20,000 times per minute is real and in fact it is properly illuminated.| the device being charged. Speaking of charging, the USB input is only one and is on the canonical side at the bottom; some gaming phones have a second one on the long side which is very convenient when you hold the smartphone horizontally while playing, but with Red Magic 7 Pro it is not present. The fingerprint scanner is below the display in the lower part, while the camera is close to the upper edge and in the center: the under screen camera can be seen with light against, its presence is almost an exercise in style, such as we will tell you shortly.

Plenty of power available The purchase package includes a 65 watt charger, USB cable and a silicone case

Defining it as the most powerful gaming smartphone at the moment is not exaggeration, just give a quick reading to the hardware components, all at the top: Snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip with 4 nm and octa-core production process, 16 GB of ram (18 GB in the sample under test) and 256/512 GB internal memory (both fast type), Adreno 730 graphics card and a chip designed ad hoc and called Red Core 1 used exclusively for the audio part, haptic feedback and RGB LEDs. Excellent 6.8 "amoled display that chooses the clever full hd + resolution to ensure maximum speed, 120 Hz refresh rate - which drops from the previous generation's 165 Hz without too much visual difference - full support of 100% of the color range Dci-P3 and excellent visibility even with sun against. The sampling of the touch increases to 960 Hz, for maximum reactivity in the game.

How is Red Magic 7 Pro in game and in everyday life Photo taken with the under screen camera with perfect light

REDMAGIC7Pro We tried Red Magic 7 Pro for about 20 days using it as the main smartphone, therefore not only in the game, but also in everyday life from the workplace, therefore, to productivity and leisure in the (few) downtimes. The dimensions are abundant, but it is possible to use it with one hand albeit in a not so easy way and even if the weight is above average (given the components) in the long run it makes itself felt on the art wrist joints. The super-fast refill allows considerable top-ups of up to 50% in the time of a coffee and is a great convenience. The proprietary interface Redmagic OS 5.0 mounted on Android 12 offers an experience devoted to customization with many widgets already prepared (such as the one to activate or monitor the fan) and net of some not so precise translation of pages or headwords in Italian. br>
Naturally it is a bomb in the game, never a lag even with all the configurations fired to the maximum. The Ice 9.0 cooling system always keeps the temperature under control thanks to the triple slot (the one near the camera could plug when held), the 20000 rpm fan and what is defined as the largest vapor chamber ever seen on a smartphone . Materials assembled by RedMagic include composite graphene, aerospace grade aluminum and high conductivity gel.

There's no need to go around it, you don't get much from the cameras: the rear ones are comparable to a smartphone worth around 300 euros with a 64 megapixel main sensor and a good 8 megapixel wide-angle lens with availability of ambient light, while the 2 megapixel macro is almost useless. The selfie camera below the display is more of a marketing move: the results are poor with blurry and / or blurred images (see image above), it can be fine for video calls if you are not looking for the highest quality and you are in a well-lit place.

Prices and conclusions You can see the selfie camera housing under the display only with strong light against

You can buy Red Magic 7 Pro from April 27th from the official website at prices of 679 euros for the 16 GB ram and 256 GB internal version and 759 euros for the 512 GB version. Undoubtedly, the price range is very competitive, especially for the launch version, winking at those looking for top hardware for 2022 net of slightly subdued cameras, the only real cons of this model.

Rating: 8 powerful hardware equipment perfect for gaming, efficient and silent cooling system, long-lasting battery with fast charging, rich purchase package, pleasant design and not tamarro, there is the 3.5 mm jack, competitive price.

Tired: does not take unforgettable photos, especially with the under-screen.

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