myAppFree and the all-Italian Indie Game Jam | Interview

myAppFree and the all-Italian Indie Game Jam | Interview

To date, the Italian realities that organize events specifically dedicated to the independent videogame world are still relatively few, but they are growing, especially if we look at the dedicated sector schools or the various cultural bodies that wish to promote the products of this sector. Among these actors present in the area, however, there is also a Parma startup, born in 2014, called myAppFree, which has decided to launch a very important indie game jam just this year. By virtue of this important event for the sector, not only Italian but also with a wide international scope, we have decided to introduce you to those who founded this all-Italian and constantly growing company, as well as those who are dealing primarily with of their next game jam that is about to open its doors. Alessandro Del Grano, COO and Co-Founder, Massimo Caroli, Founder, and Renato Gallo, Game Developer Relations Manager answered our questions to find out with them what lies behind the foundation of MyAppFree and its projects, without forgetting a look at the future.

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Interview with the MyAppFree team

First of all, thank you very much for giving us the opportunity for this interview. Tell us about MyAppFree, when it was born and with what intentions.| ); }
How did you make the decision to branch out into game publishing?

Massimo: It is a natural step in the evolutionary process of a reality like that of myAppFree. Having exclusive IPs available allows us to expand the number of contents we can offer to users, reaching a greater number. We have always been linked to the world of game and app developers, providing them with the best solutions to reach users who are really interested in what they launch on the market: transforming ourselves into their publishers only closes the circle. Furthermore, as has always happened in the history of myAppFree, also in this case the business opportunity was mixed with our personal passions. We are gamers ourselves and we believe that the world of gaming is our next landing strip before the jump into the metaverse.

Renato: The decision to organize a Game Jam, and do it specifically in Italy, arose for several reasons; first of all, over the years we have had the opportunity to meet many Italian game developers, developers with talent and ambition to sell, but perhaps too many times without a national reference Publisher; MyAppFree wants to position itself as such, we have international ambitions, but we want to start here, cultivating the realities of our territory!

Tell us all the details we need to know about your next event.

Generic photos In your opinion, what Is the current situation of the Italian indie game scene compared to the international one? What are the steps forward in this sector in Italy?

Alessandro and Massimo: We had the pleasure of coming into direct contact with various Italian companies related to the Indie world. Both through participation in events such as the Milan Games Week, and through the organization of online jams in person. The Italian Indie scene is perhaps one of the most varied and least valued in the world: there are really excellent studios and developers capable of creating unique games that unfortunately do not have the opportunity to stand out and reach the players. What is missing are investments on the one hand and the presence of a reference player for the Italian community on the other. It is within this context that we have decided to take the reins of the situation and offer our expertise in the world of mobile marketing to shake up the Italian market and do it the justice it deserves.

We just have to share with us when the theme of this Jam will be announced and where.

Renato: The announcement of the theme will take place on May 16th at this link, where you can find the countdown to the great event, and will mark the start of the competition which will last until July 15th. By registering on the dedicated form on the page, you can also follow us directly to not miss any news regarding Adrenaline Rush.

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