The 5 best electric car racing video games

The 5 best electric car racing video games

Motorsport purists will probably turn up their noses a bit when reading the title of this special. Hearing the roar of the engine, perhaps with an exaggerated number of cylinders, still excites many and it is right that this experience remains present in the racing scene. Having said that, however, it is useless to deny that electric cars are gaining increasing interest, as demonstrated by the success of the recent Formula E event held in Rome with 20,000 spectators on the city circuit.

Electric cars, however, are not arriving only in the world of racing, but also in the garages of each of us, thanks to the work of various managers to improve the spread of electric mobility, including Enel X Way. New models of electric cars are arriving on the market every year, from supercars to classic utility vehicles. So if you want to experience the thrill of an electric car, without necessarily having to go to a dealership, we have collected 5 racing video games for you, which offer vehicles of this type in their fleet. Within these titles you will be able to experience the behavior of the torque in traction, up to the silent flow along the asphalt of electric vehicles, often also in a rather realistic and simulative way.

Fasten your seat belts (always, even in electric vehicles) and let's go!

Gran Turismo 7

The Tesla in Gran Turismo 7 We will start in reverse chronological order, that is from the latest title released exclusively for Sony consoles. We are clearly talking about Gran Turismo 7, the recent pearl created by the talented guys of Poliphony Digital led by the historic president Kazunori Yamauchi. In this video game you can not only sit inside the electric cars to take a ride on the tracks in the game, but you can explore them at 360 ° as we told you in our dedicated review.

The driving experience, both pad in hand and with the steering wheel, is faithful to reality, thanks to a good physics engine created by the developers to simulate the behavior of the cars on the asphalt. Among the electric vehicles present we find the Porche Taycan Turbo S and the Tesla Model S Signature Performance, while among the prototypes there is also the Audi e-Tron Vision GT.

The game in the coming months will expand with future updates, which will undoubtedly add new electric vehicles to the large fleet of cars in the game.

Forza Horizon 5

2015 BMW i8 in Forza Horizon 5 Let's change our approach, while remaining in the field of racing video games, with the latest Playground Games effort released exclusively on Microsoft platforms. It is a decidedly more arcade title than Gran Turismo, with wild racing through the beautiful Mexican landscapes. Here we can indulge ourselves with different types of events, some decidedly crazy for the level of adrenaline generated by particularly dangerous paths, or by the crazy speeds reached.

In our review of Forza Horizon 5 we told you how the video game also offers a truly breathtaking technical sector, giving us one of the most beautiful visual experiences currently present on PC and consoles. The arcade driving model turns Forza Horizon 5 into a much more accessible video game. This does not mean that the level of challenge is not present, on the contrary, even the most hardcore gamer will find bread for their teeth, without sacrificing the more casual experience for those who simply prefer to get on board the supercars to take a ride along the streets. Mexican.

In the car park you will find various hybrid vehicles such as the McLaren P1 of 2013 or the BMW i8 of 2015 while for the full electric we find the splendid and very fast Porsche Taycan.

Assetto Corsa

LaFerrari in Assetto Corsa Although there are no officially electric vehicles, we couldn't avoid mentioning Assetto Corsa in this special of ours. The reason? This video game is undoubtedly one of the best driving simulators on the market, despite being published some time ago. The physics engine of Kunos Simulations is still today a true monster of fidelity and realism. Within the video game you will be able to drive numerous hybrid vehicles, which therefore have both the injection engine and the electric part.

For example by driving the LaFerrari without fuel, you can experience its performance in eco mode, therefore with purely traction electric. Obviously the performances will be drastically reduced, but the simulation level is really high. Those who know how to juggle the PC with the installation of mods and add-on packs created by the community, will surely find electric cars to insert into the game to experience the power of electric torque.

Forza Motorsport 7

After mentioning Gran Turismo, we couldn't avoid talking about its historical rival: Forza Motorsport. While we are still waiting for the next chapter scheduled for Xbox Series X | S and PC, we have to settle for the video game released in the now distant 2017. It is a simulation experience with a fleet of over 700 vehicles. Just like in Horizon, also in Forza Motorsport the technical level is really impressive in all 32 locations in the game. In total there are about 200 track configurations on which to show off all the horsepower of the cars present.

The developers of Turn 10 have also introduced electric cars such as the official Formula E car or the Tesla Model S. Just buy them with the virtual currency of the video game to be able to try them on the circuits present.

Project Cars 3

Project Cars 3 Finally we have chosen another well-known racing video game in which there are electric cars . This is Project Cars 3, which with its not exactly simulative driving model, wants to conquer an audience halfway between the arcade and the naked and raw simulation. Unfortunately the graphics are not at the level of some of the aforementioned sacred monsters, but it still defends well in a genre where the visual rendering may not be the fundamental element of the game. The circuits have been well made and in general the developers of Slightly Mad Studios have implemented a really high number of contents inside their creature to entertain the gamer over time.

After the launch, some DLC, such as the Electric Pack containing electric cars. Among these we find the Audi AI: Race, the Porche Taycan Turbo S and the Volkswagen ID.R. Definitely a great way to get out on the track and experience the power of the electric motor under the hood.

Final thoughts

We hope to have at least intrigued you to try some electric vehicles featured in the aforementioned games . This category of cars undoubtedly represents the future, both for their efficiency and for the reduction of polluting emissions. Decarbonisation, digitalisation and electrification are undoubtedly the keywords for the decade we are experiencing and probably for the next as well.

If you are interested in learning more about electric vehicles, discover their advantages and understand how to be able to purchase and use them, we invite you to visit the Enel X Way website. This is an initiative dedicated to individuals to improve accessibility and push for the adoption of electric mobility for a more sustainable and healthier future for our planet.

Have you noticed any mistakes?

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