Moon Knight Episode 3: Quotes and References in A Friendly Guy

Moon Knight Episode 3: Quotes and References in A Friendly Guy

Moon Knight Episode 3

A Friendly Guy, the third episode of Moon Knight, made an appearance on Disney + today, showing other intriguing aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series dedicated to this atypical urban hero of the House of Ideas. After the first two episodes, which gave us a version far from the original paper version of the character, with A typical friendly continues the definition of this particular Marvelian superhero. And of course we couldn't forget to hunt for references and quotes from Moon Knight Episode 3.

Subscribe now to Disney + for € 8.99 per month or € 89.90 per year The invitation, as of usual, is to continue reading our research only after having seen A friendly guy, in order to avoid unpleasant spoilers that could ruin your vision of this episode, after having warned you, we now continue our hunt for references and quotes from the Marvelian world and more.

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Moon Knight Episode 3: Quotes and References

Fathers and Sons

Opening A friendly guy is Layla (May Calamawy), who reveals herself as a skilled thief of antiquity, an activity that he usually carries out with the help of Marc Spector, the identity that contends with Steven Grant for control of the character's psyche and who seems to be the only one who can evoke the spirit of Moon Knight. As we have seen, Layla appears to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Marlene Alraune, wife of Marc Spector in the Marvel Universe. In the original comic, Marlene's father, Professor Peter Alraune, was the one who discovered the Khonshu figurine and who, betrayed by the mercenary Raoul Bushman, is killed during a mission in which Marc Spector is also participating.

The reference to Layla's father could be a reference to the figure of Peter Alraune.

One and three

That Marc Spector and Steven Grant might not be the the only personality at stake was a suspicion that had been around for some time, from reflections in the mirror to small discrepancies in Steven's conduct. In the final theme, a three-part section of Oscar Isaac's face is presented, and references to the trinity are certainly not missing. It therefore seemed fitting to introduce this potential identity triptych into Moon Knight episode 3.

Initially appearing as one of Marc Spector's many identities, Locklye was a taxi driver who boasted contacts with the world of espionage and petty crime, informers who allowed Moon Knight to get where otherwise it was impossible. Only in recent times has Lockley's identity been presented in a different light, characterized by a violent and deceptive approach, capable even of carving out secrets with his other identities.

Small curiosity: during the undercover mission in search of the sarcophagus of Ammit, Layla attributes a fictitious identity to her companion in adventure: Rufino Estrada. It is a tribute to the protagonist of the series, Oscar Isaac, whose real name is Oscar Isaac Hernanàndez Estrada.

Men and Gods

After being mentioned in the first episode of Moon Knight, the Ennade therefore makes his appearance, albeit only through his own human avatars. This group of gods seems to belong to the Golden Age of comics, when Marvel did not yet exist but Atlas Comics, considering that its first appearance dates back to Marvel Tales # 96 in 1950. Always during the divine gathering the Altrovuoto is mentioned, dimension where the gods of Ennade live, a universe presented for the first time in the Moon Knight series created by the Lemire - Smallwood couple.

Midnight in Egypt

One of the historical adversaries could be missing of Moon Knight in the comics? Obviously not, and here comes Anton Mogart, played by Gaspard Ulliel, an actor who recently passed away and to whom this episode of the series was rightly dedicated. Mogart, a character created by Dough Moench and Bill Sinkiewicz in 1981, is known as Midnight Man, a thief specializing in the theft of great works of art, as well as test tubes fighter, who has often given Moon Knight a hard time. Curiously, Anton's son, Jeff Wilde, played the shoulder role of the Fist of Khonshu for some time, introducing himself as Midnight, only to be transformed into an augmented agent by the creepy Secret Empire.

During the parenthesis in which Layla and Marc Spector confront Anton, it is mentioned that the woman and the thief have had a past that links them to a place dear to readers of Marvel comics: Madripoor. The capital city of crime par excellence, which first appeared in comics in New Mutants # 85 (by Chris Claremont and Steve Leialoha), has already appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, considering we visited it in The Falcon & the Winter Soldier.

It's not the years, it's the kilometers

It may be the Egyptian setting, but Marc Spector's arrival in Cairo seems to want to wink at the great films set in the African nation, expanding the landscape of quotes and references contained in Moon Knight Episode 3, especially to one in particular: Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark.

The scenes in the first act of the episode in which Harrow and his followers are searching for Ammit's tomaba recalls Belloch's frantic mission as he scrambles to find the Ark of the Covenant. Another reference to Indy's first adventure seems to be the clash on the rooftops, especially when one of Marc Spector's opponents wastes time in provoking the mercenary by receiving a quick attack instead, reminiscent of the scene in which Indy quickly liquidates a hired assassin with a shot of gun.

Moon Knight Episode 3: A Friendly Guy

After the previous episode, in which a jarring comic component emerged, A Friendly Guy reverses the perception of the character: leading the scene he is no longer Steven Grant, but Marc Spector. An important change that allows us to see a more physical and dynamic approach to the story, with the relationship between Steve and Marc played in the reflexes and with a different approach to the use of blackouts.

The same impact of the divine is profoundly rewritten, with an ending in which Khonshu's presence was apparently reduced, with his imprisonment in an Ushabti. This deprivation of the otherworldly element could result in a change in the very figure of Moon Knight, deprived of his divine powers, including the miraculous bandages of healing. Compared to the previous two episodes, A Friendly Guy marks a first major step change in the plot of the series.

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