Kingdom Hearts 4 and the curse of Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Kingdom Hearts 4 and the curse of Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Anyone who appreciates the Final Fantasy series has certainly closely followed the tragic epic of Final Fantasy Versus XIII: a project derailed almost immediately after the announcement, following a series of deadly events and an almost absurd list of errors on the part. of the management of Square Enix in the management of the so-called Fabula Nova Cristallis. The story is quite long to describe in detail, so it is appropriate to summarize only the salient points, which see the Versus XIII initially announced in parallel to the main chapter with Lightning as protagonist, and Tetsuya Nomura at the reins.

By To put it simply, Square's desire to build everything with an internal engine and a series of important organizational stumbles - mainly related to Final Fantasy XIII and the fact that the team was unable to properly manage the development of the chapter - led the "fantasy based on reality" initially conceptualized by Nomura to be first frozen and later transformed into what would have been Final Fantasy XV, as well as directly entrusted to Hajime Tabata at one point. And although that game is not perfect, Tabata must be acknowledged at least for the almost miraculous ability to carry out a functional Final Fantasy in full "development hell", around which the fears of the fanbase were enormous after the XIII and its sequels.

For its part, Nomura did not remain idle during this dark decade of Square Enix: the director has dedicated himself to various projects, completing a couple of important commercial successes such as Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III (even those with their beautiful production squabbles, it should be noted). However, the Japanese developer has rarely been a master of subtle irony or hidden digs, and losing control of the Final Fantasy he wanted to create was a bitter mouthful to swallow, and there are few more crystalline demonstrations of that than with the. Kingdom Hearts III DLC called Re Mind.

Let's face it, if you present a character named Yozora (night sky), aesthetically identical to Noctis, with a video in the car that borrowed the original presentation of the Versus XIII, and then insert him in a trailer titled " Verum Rex ", you are not making a critical end to what Tabata and her team did ... yours is a big letter statement that what has come out doesn't even come close to your original vision (and you want this to be brought to term).

Kingdom hearts IV: the black coat. Official dress of any antagonist of the saga, maybe Well, conflicts within Square Enix or not related to all this mess - with a lot of Tabata that at some point is also gone - now Nomura could really pull his concept out of the hat for Final Fantasy, only the avatar for his resurrection this time is none other than the Kingdom Hearts series.

Let's try to understand why in this special entitled Kingdom Hearts 4 and the curse of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

A fantasy based on reality

Kingdom Hearts IV: artistically a realistic setting may not have the strength of the past cartoon look, but it makes a dirty figure We realize how a setting realistic with a map in Tokyo is not enough to automatically reconnect the two, yet, as already stated, Nomura is not exactly a master of subtle deception, so much so that he stated during the first interviews related to Ki ngdom Hearts IV not only of having had to choose between the release of that game and, indeed, of one called Verum Rex, but also of not loving pure fantasy, preferring "fantasies based on reality", with settings only marginally different from the real world. Also in this case the declaration of intent seems obvious: the director has managed to turn his best-known saga in the desired direction, laying the foundations for an alternative revival of his original ideas for the Versus XIII. His development plans, however, are not as crystal clear at the moment.

If you analyze the statements made to Famitsu by him and other members of the Kingdom Hearts IV team, in fact, at the moment it seems that Verum Rex is not a simple alternative to Kingdom Hearts, but a title that could actually pop up in the future, on which Nomura would not have focused now just because fans would have missed Sora (how much truth there is in these statements remains to be defined, usual). At the moment it is really difficult to understand if what has been said is realistic and related to future plans yet to be established or if they are semi-serious statements, so the most sensible theory is simply the one that wants Kingdom Hearts IV transformed into a new universe, capable in the future of fully support Nomura's ideas for the project described above.

Kingdom Hearts IV: many have noticed several similarities between the new Sora and Yozora The clues in this regard are honestly too many: Nomura explained how the new font implies a "new cycle" for the series and the trailer of presentation talks about a "lost master ark", which indicates how this fourth chapter represents a single narrative arc among several potentially on the way (perhaps another trilogy?). It is therefore not at all unlikely that Nomura's Verum Rex will slip into this new course at some point, somehow adapting to the crossover nature of the Kingdom Hearts in a sort of forced coexistence with the Disney universe

After all, Sora in the official press release is once again defined as a Disney hero and the importance of Kingdom Hearts on the market remains closely linked to the union with the American giant and its characters. Not enough, many theorize the possibility of universes linked to Star Wars and Marvel superheroes in the new adventures of Sora, therefore a structure not unlike the previous games of the saga could reappear without particular effort. It must be said, if nothing else, that the first trailer would seem to underline a possible more marked division between the primary narrative and the Disney universe, and that this could represent an excellent basis for events and transformations capable of completely changing the course of the adventures of Sora and company. function ready (fn) {if (document.readyState! = 'loading') {fn ()} else {document.addEventListener ('DOMContentLoaded', fn)}} ready (function () {window.addEventListener ('message', function (event) {let target_origin = ''; if (event.origin! == target_origin) return; if (typeof == "object" && ( "type") && == "embaff") {let embed_id =; if (embed_id == '618') {document.querySelector ('#_ aff_embed_618'). setAttribute ('height ',;}}}, false);}) Even considering all these factors, it seems quite clear to us that Nomura has no intention of stopping there. The most plausible theory in our opinion? The intent is to create a universe capable of rivaling in importance, or at least accompanying in parallel that of Final Fantasy, built on the basis of the Kingdom Hearts and now at a point where it can be developed in an infinite number of ways. The problem is that plans so distant from the original concept of the series could completely devastate the core that made millions of fans love it, and sacrifice the good that can still be developed of the narrative after the third chapter.

In addition Nomura is far from good at summarizing the events scattered in the previous game chapters - especially if we consider the continuity far from simple of the narrative he created - and he is certainly not a negligible defect when it is necessary to give shape to the second phase of a saga potentially capable of attracting hordes of neophytes. However, it is useless to bandage your head now: we will have to wait a long time before we have concrete answers on the subject. Right now one can only hope that things are done wisely, and that the original idea of ​​Versus XIII is really so brilliant that it can represent a new backbone of the Kingdom Hearts universe.

You believe can succeed in the enterprise? As usual, be sure to let us know in the comments below. There is undoubtedly a lot of meat in the fire to discuss.

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