Sports Smartwatches | The best of 2022

Sports Smartwatches | The best of 2022

The smartwatch market is certainly one of the most interesting and expanding within the current tech scene. In fact, if the “smartphone” world is increasingly criticized lately for lack of innovation and appeal, smart watches have been able to gain more and more a place in the thoughts of users. In this real "jungle of products", however, it is not always easy to find the right smartwatch for your needs.

Among products that are aesthetically likely to resemble each other, functional differences are always however many and decisive. With products intended for running enthusiasts, others dedicated to water sports and still others that try to hide their sporty design by placing themselves as a meeting point between "health" and "casual" use, the proposals are certainly not lacking in what is to be considered as a market with still a lot of room for future growth.

Thanks to increasingly advanced sensors and ever greater software attention, these products can in fact become real assistants for our health and for our motor activity, managing to season everything (most of the time), with smart functions dedicated to the contexts of daily life made up of notifications and social networks.

This beginning of the years has in fact confirmed once more the interest of the various brands in the segment, with the difference between the various designs and the relative performance of the products that has increasingly diminished. In this aspect it is in fact important to point out the increasing growth of "smartband 2.0", that is the sub-category of smartwatches represented by products that are equipped with lower diagonal displays but that give up fewer and fewer functions, showing themselves as a suitable option for more varied contexts, thus combining the sporting soul with the casual one in the best possible way, ending up being the favorites of users.

We have therefore decided to create a content with which to try to help you in choosing the most suitable watch for you , selecting for you those that are for us the best sports smartwatches of this 2022, pointing out those that during these months have been the most deserving and superior to the competition products.

The best smartwatches sports of April 2022

Given the huge range of smartwatches for sports use, we have therefore decided to help you in navigation by pointing out a model for cat egoria:

The cheapest The most versatile The most extreme The best for running The best for your iPhones The most durable The most elegant

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro - The cheapest

From years Amazfit is committed to presenting products on the market that offer excellent value for money. This Amazfit GTR 3 Pro represents the right compromise for those of you looking for a not too expensive sports smartwatch, but still able to accompany you in your training sessions and beyond. The Zepp support application, which can be installed on both your Android and iOS devices, will provide an excellent interface complete with lots of data and analysis about your sports and your vital parameters. Multiple activities detectable by the smartwatch, even autonomously with automatic detection as soon as you start your sporting activity, all with a design capable of representing the right compromise between "sport" and "casual" soul.


Galaxy Watch4 - The most versatile

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and its Wear OS interface from Google represent a very interesting combination for many users looking for the most versatile sports smartwatch. The great compatibility given precisely by the Android platform, allows this Samsung Watch4 to represent the most versatile proposal, both in terms of applications that can be installed to monitor your sports (practically infinite catalog and always updated thanks to the support of the google Play Store), much about the number of devices capable of interfacing with him (remember full compatibility with the entire Android smartphone world but also partial with Apple devices).


Garmin Fenix ​​7 - The most extreme series

Garmin certainly represents an institution in the smartwatch market, especially in the sports smartwatch sector. The entire Garmin Fenix ​​7 represents the most complete option both in terms of hardware and aesthetics, and in terms of components dedicated to the sports world, with sensors designed to monitor hundreds of activities. These are smartwatch models (one even equipped with a "solar" charging system) dedicated to all those looking for the most complete wrist instruments to monitor their sport, whether it is a tennis match or a climb. in the mountains. The dedicated software designed by Garmin will not only keep track of your sessions and your vital parameters, but will follow you like a real coach, going to help and improve your workouts.


Garmin Forerunner 945 - The best for running

The great potential of Garmin as a manufacturer of sports smartwatches is also represented by the fact that it is the only brand that has managed to deserve a double mention in this guide. If the new Fenix ​​7 series is transversally dedicated to many sports and physical activities, Forerunner 945 represents the reference point mainly for those of you interested in having a real running assistant on your wrist. Thanks to an extended battery life and software functions designed specifically to ensure the best possible use of the data and analysis of your activities, this Garmin Forerunner 945 is able to accompany you non-stop on your outings, guaranteeing precision and reliability. In order not to miss anything, it also combines its sporty soul with a series of “smart” features typical of traditional smartwatches, such as support for digital payments via the Garmin Pay platform.


Apple Watch Series 7 - The best for your iPhone

Despite the many years and investments of more and more brands in the smartwatch sector, there is still no better smartwatch for your iPhone than an Apple Watch. The only one capable of combining sporty and smart soul with regard to applications and notifications, Apple Watch series 7, the latest born from the Cupertino company, represents the best possible 360-degree interaction if you own an Apple smartphone. Able to offer unique software features thanks to the agreements between Apple and many sports houses (the subscriptions with which it is possible to take advantage of a real sports assistant within the walls of the house thanks to the use of Apple Watch are just the umpteenth proof of the potential of this smartwatch), allow this watch to be as versatile as it is reliable when it comes to monitoring your sports activities. Its construction then allows this smartwatch to be used in different contexts, guaranteeing class and discretion, unlike the competition more focused only on the sports world. To be mentioned compared to the past the new size of the displays of the various proposals in the catalog (41mm and 45mm), obtained by reducing the front frames without bringing a larger footprint on the wrist, together with a new fast charging system, to make this new Apple Watch 7 a companion that is increasingly "daily" and ready for every daily challenge.


Suunto 9 - The longest lasting

Exercise with your own smartwatch, implies that it is able to guarantee reliability and resistance. Suunto 9 perhaps best represents these two elements, combined with a software attention not second to the other products mentioned in this guide, focusing mainly on offering the user an above-average feeling of solidity. The sapphire crystal glass, combined with water resistance up to 100MT and a very long-lasting battery, will allow you to enjoy Suunto 9 in any of over 80 traceable sports activities, without having to worry about its resistance. The reference application (available for both iPhone and Android smartphone), will allow you to always keep an eye on your training data, also going to compare them with those of the Suunto community, one of the most active in the smartwatch panorama.


Fitbit Charge 5 - The most elegant

You could not draw up a ranking of the best sports smartwatches, without inserting a Fitbit product. This Fitbit Charge 5 (protagonist of our full review) tries, perhaps to a greater extent than the other models reported in this list, to hide its sporty soul (as in the case of the Apple Watch), offering a decidedly aggressive price. In fact, alongside all the options specifically dedicated to the sports public (such as the analysis of their activities and health data), this smartwatch also tries to offer the user a suite of smart functions useful for all those moments in which it is not carried out. sports activity (such as compatibility with payments via NFC on the go). The battery life that can guarantee several days of use and a refined design conclude the package of what we can define as the most elegant sports smartwatch.


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