Hello Neighbor 2, the tried and tested of the beta

Hello Neighbor 2, the tried and tested of the beta

Hello Neighbor 2

The neighbor's grass is always greener, the saying goes. Usually proverbs always have a grain of truth, but what happens when the neighbor is a mad psychopath wanted by the local police? Hello Neighbor 2 reminds everyone how much better it is to stay away from lawns and disreputable individuals. After all, we had already understood this with the first Hello Neighbor, a game that made a lot of talk about itself in time with him, slowly building a small community of fans, also thanks to the publication of paper spin-offs (novels, above all).

The success of the first episode of what has now become a full-fledged franchise prompted the developers of Dynamic Pixels and Eerie Guest Studios, supported by perhaps the best known publisher TinyBuild, to create a second chapter. Hello Neighbor 2 today seems to want to reconfirm the most successful aspects already appreciated in 2017, in an operation, however, more ambitious in terms of content. Will he succeed? Or will a second way of saying be reconfirmed, "too much is good"?

Thinking about it a bit, we can meanwhile offer you the tried and tested Hello Neighbor 2 beta, recently provided to us by the developers.

Plot: mystery in Raven Brooks

Welcome to the city of Hello Neighbor 2, here are the first cute inhabitants The plot of Hello Neighbor 2 is soon served: we take on the role of Quentin, a newly reporter arrived in the haunted town of Raven Brooks to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances. All the local children seem to have disappeared into thin air: the billboards with their faces, scattered everywhere, prove it. The few human figures that Quentin meets upon his arrival, among other things, stare at him with a suspicion bordering on malice. Something is wrong, of course, but here are two more curious facts: among the missing persons there are also The Neighbor - dear old Theodore Masters Peterson - and then Nicky Roth. The latter, as you will remember, was the protagonist of the first Hello Neighbor.

The beta we had the opportunity to try allowed us to explore only some environments of Raven Brooks: specifically we have entered the house by now uninhabited of the Neighbor (unfortunately familiar environment) and in a Victorian villa never seen before, owned by an unprecedented character. All the characters present seem in some way linked to the mystery of the general disappearances; the narration, obviously cryptic, will be recomposed within the limits of the possible piece by piece, until the discovery of the boys, of Roth and of the same Vicino.

Quentin's headquarters, a run-down building on the hill adjacent to the town, will probably act as the main hub, but this is an intuition that will need to be duly confirmed in the future.

An annoying aspect of the beta is certainly the presence of the crow-man, by virtue of the use made of it: in fact this shady figure appears every time the player tries to access an area that cannot be explored for the moment. The problem is that, from a distressing character with more "horror" shades, the crow-man thus becomes an obsessive and habitual presence. In all likelihood, however, this problem will disappear with the game's final release, when the entire macro-area of ​​the city should become available immediately.

PC System Requirements

Test Configuration

Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit Processor: Amd Ryzen 5 1600 - 3.2 GHz Video card: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 with 8 GB Memory: 16 GB of RAM

Minimum requirements

Operating System: Windows 10/11 x64 Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4 CPUs), ~ 3.2GHz Memory: 4GB RAM Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 DirectX: Version 12

Recommended requirements

Operating system: Windows 10/11 x64 Processor: Core i7 8700 Memory: 8 GB of RAM Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti DirectX: Version 12

Same gameplay, larger size

Some newcomers to Hello Neighbor 2 seem very interesting Hello Neighbor 2, gameplay side, points to the same mechanics as always, expanding the contents and dimensions of the offer. This is clear from the first moments of the beta: apart from the short tutorial, useful for regaining confidence with the commands, you are immediately thrown into Raven Brooks. The freedom of action is remarkable, since it is up to the player to choose which house to start from in his investigations; in fact, currently, the choice is strongly constrained, but presumably in the future it will really be possible to start from any environment. In individual homes, then, we will find a specific enemy waiting for us. For example, the neighbor's abandoned mansion is guarded in real time by a very unsociable policeman.

Each house hides a secret useful for the general progression of the plot, but it is not certain that the objects found in a single place must be used only and necessarily on site. A donut found in Theodore's former home, for example, can be taken away and used to distract the guard dog in defense of the aforementioned Victorian mansion. This is a minimal example, which however demonstrates how the progression is much less intuitive than in the past, thus increasing the sense of general freedom.

That should be the "horror character" of Hello Neighbor 2. By to say. Freedom which, mind you, can also turn into frustration. In fact, it is not always clear what needs to be done at a given moment to continue in the story: simply all the rooms in a given place seem devoid of really useful objects. In other places it is not directly clear how to enter and no suggestions from the developers come to our aid.

In all this, the technical sector must inevitably be revised, because we literally managed to "break" one of the first levels, walking suspended halfway between the ceiling and the rooms on the ground floor. We could practically see everything that happened in the house, without being detected by the policeman. It does not bode well, especially for a title that would like to present an artificial intelligence more intuitive than the first Hello Neighbor, able to learn the usual behaviors of the protagonist.

We have some doubts regarding Hello Neighbor 2. D ' agreement, the game world is certainly larger than in the past, but a product of this type does not really need a larger size as it needs a greater level of freedom and more possibilities in the creative approach. The environments visited in the beta are not particularly convincing in terms of level design or ideas: even if there are objects that can be used in very distant places, it is not clear what they are, where they are and how to use them. We also add two other obvious defects: the horror element for now seems to have been reduced to a minimum - there is no trace of the Neighbor, and the Raven Man is more annoying than disturbing - and the technical sector remains shaky, even if there are enough months to remedy. Maybe we will change our mind, and Hello Neighbor 2 will prove to be a real pearl. Or not, reconfirming itself as an interesting production in ideas and lacking in realization.


The contents should not be missing The narrative context is still tantalizing It will arrive by the end of the year, with the joy of fans DOUBTS Technical sector to be consolidated The progression does not seem very clear "Horror tints"? But where ... Did you notice any errors?

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