From banks to travel, the digital job offers for April

From banks to travel, the digital job offers for April

From banks to travel

With the beginning of April, the state of emergency relating to the Covid-19 pandemic ended, a moment that has been awaited for over two years but which still provides for a gradual caution in easing the protection measures that accompanied the Italians to the place. of work. First of all, simplified smart working for private sector employees remains for another three months. It is not necessary to stipulate a written agreement between worker and employer, as in the pre-Covid era, but the internal methods of simplified communication remain (also to the Ministry of Labor), until June 30.

From 1 April it is sufficient to go to work with the basic green pass, also obtained with the negative swab, for everyone including the over 50s. It will also be sufficient to wear the surgical mask. The green pass obligation will be eliminated from May 1st. The vaccination obligation with suspension from work remains until 31 December 2022 for those practicing the health professions, hospital workers and Rsa. People continue to go to school with a mask and teachers are subject to vaccination until 15 June. Distance learning will be available only for infected students.

Banca AideXa One hundred employees by the end of the year, is Banca AideXa's goal to strengthen the team, starting from the current 60. The Milanese fintech bank founded by Roberto Nicastro and Federico Sforza focuses on skills in the development area, with the search for professionals with technological (40%) and digital (35%) skills, software development and data analysis such as Qa engineer, data engineer, ui designer , backend and frontend developers.

The latter is one of the most sought after profiles by AideXa. The candidate will be able to increase their component design, creation and testing skills using a modern front-end stack (Typescript, React, NextJS). The profile applies and promotes eXtreme Programming practices while remaining faithful to solid principles. It will also be able to define all the best practices: from bootstrap to the deployment of a project, from the publication of a library of OpenSource components to specialization in Reactive programming. Also in the back-end you can experiment thanks to Kotlin, WebFlux and Arrow.

The developers will contribute to the improvement of the AideXa Open Design System, from the component library to the Storybook Stories. They will interact with the Product Owners and the UX team to build excellent solutions, contribute to the R&D of the corporate stack, proposing effective improvements. Finally, they will be able to monitor, identify and correct any software defects.

AideXa seeks profiles in the field of data, data analysts and scientists, by virtue of the data driven approach, which makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The institute also seeks commercial figures, with specific knowledge of the dynamics that characterize the world of SMEs and their needs. Other profiles will be included in the finance, human resources, risk marketing, operations sector. All open positions will be progressively published on the Linkedin profile of Banca AideXa, where candidates can apply directly.

GE Healthcare The medical division of General Electric active in the field of medical technology, diagnostics and digital solutions, present in over 100 countries and with 600 resources in Italy, it is looking for about twenty professionals throughout the country.

Among the figures sought by GE Healthcare there are, in particular: a digital clinical application specialist - radiology, responsible the configuration, training and launch of GE Healthcare software solutions in the radiology sector. Within an EMEA team, he will work in synergy with the responsible team in the IMI region (Italy, Malta and Israel).

An options & upgrades product clinical specialist: his main activities include promotion, sale and follow-up of "options & upgrades" products, solutions and services in the reference market. The resource will work in close collaboration with o & u Leader for the IMI region (Italy, Malta and Israel), in order to define the strategies for the sales team and support them in the implementation of the final plans.

A CCS Service Commercial Leader , responsible for the launch of commercial campaigns / initiatives dedicated to clinical care solution products (ultrasound and life care), price positioning and commercial management of End of Life / End of Service Life programs.

For the Ultrasounds business unit, the company is looking for a sales specialist, responsible for the commercial process, from the elaboration of commercial proposals to the development and maintenance of solid relationships with the assigned clinical and technical decision makers, and Ultrasound product service sales for Campania and Lombardy, with experience in the commercial field, who will deal with contracts and after-sales services, for the reference area.

Heply Software agency founded in Udine in 2019 by Timenet Spa and Andrea Virgilio, Heply opens to four new positions, all with an aptitude for teamwork.

Senior full stack engineer with at least 6 years of experience; knowledge of PHP or .NET Core; relational databases (MySQL / PostgresSQL) and SQL language; experience in RESTFul API design; aptitude for teamwork and ability to interact with the project manager; passion for software development, clean code and design patterns.

A senior frontend developer (6 years of experience) with knowledge of Javascript (ES6 +); of at least one of the most popular front-end frameworks (React / Redux, Angular, Vue.js); experience in integrating with RESTFul API services; aptitude for teamwork and ability to interact with the project manager; passion for software development, clean code and design patterns.

A native React developer with knowledge of the APP publishing process on iOS / Android and knowledge of GIT; aptitude for teamwork; passion for software development and self-learning skills.

A Wordpress specialist with excellent development skills on the platform, excellent knowledge of WordPress operation and logic, excellent teamwork skills, organization skills of work and assigned tasks, aptitude for problem solving. \

Isendu A startup that helps e-commerce to grow, through a more effective management of shipments and online sales: it is Isendu, a reality born in Florence in 2019, looking for 35 talents to be included in the team which currently has 52 resources, with which to undertake the challenge of internationalization, the first stage is Spain. The required positions are: a marketing manager, 12 business development representatives (three for each language: Spanish, English, German and French), a graphic designer, a technical product owner and 20 full stack developers.

The last profile concerns a person responsible for the design and implementation of the main technological services, will have to interact with the front-end interfaces and will perform automated tests and verifications for new features, products and systems. Bachelor's and / or master's degree in computer science required, more than five years of experience in software development, knowledge and experience with Node.js, React, relational and NoSQL databases, containerization technologies and container orchestration, CI / CD pipeline and testing automated. For further details on the other positions and to apply, you can directly access the Linkedin page of isendu. A gamification-based recruiting campaign is the key chosen by to reach 100 technology experts from all over the world, to expand and diversify the company's digital team. Candidates are invited to "play" by decoding a riddle called "Crack The Code", to demonstrate their technical and problem-solving skills and to be able to continue in the selection process.

In particular, the profiles sought are software engineers including senior, product, platform, cloud DevOps and developer profiles React Native, backend, frontend, full stack, React. By submitting their application for the chosen role, by the end of April the candidate will also have the opportunity to participate in the draw for one of the two remaining holidays offered by The new hires will double the company's development team on its biggest recruiting initiative ever.

The approach to work is flexible, with 100% remote contracts that also offer the possibility of working from abroad if desired, advantages such as the shorter working week and "No Meeting Days", designed to focus on personal learning. The selected profiles will have access to a series of agreements for their travels, with exclusive discounts on reservations and insurance.

Minsait Specialized in consulting for digital transformation, Minsait will hire 350 professionals in Italy in 2022. The company is looking for university students and recent graduates in science-technology or other disciplines, for business and technology consulting projects , engineering, solution development and software manufacturing.

Of these 350 hires, the company plans to incorporate 150 young talent through the Smart Start program. In order to facilitate their professional development, adapting skills and knowledge to the needs of the market, the company organizes academies in which young professionals receive specialized training in technical, business and digital knowledge and in the skills necessary to fully develop the their potential.

In addition to technical and business training, young people participate in on-the-job training sessions to acquire the skills and abilities they will most need, based on the needs of the projects they will be working for. The Academies are part of the Smart Start initiative, aimed at facilitating the placement of young undergraduates and recent graduates who benefit from specific training and development programs, a continuous feedback process and a career progression plan in their first two years in agency. Interested people can consult the positions currently open on the company's Linkedin profile. based in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantua), Vendor Srl is looking for 15 new profiles in Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto within the first months of 2022. The company, born from the meeting of the partners Michele Bonelli and Claudio Pinelli, proposes tailor-made solutions to maximize business efficiency.

The selection is open to two senior subsidized finance technical consultants, with 3 years of experience, preferably a degree in Economics and Finance and knowledge of structural and non-structural measures, such as : tax credit for Research and Development, Innovation and Design; Fund (Sace-Simest); ISI INAIL calls; contributions managed by the MiSe or other ministries; regional, provincial / chamber calls. The figure will be responsible for evaluating, analyzing and implementing projects aimed at obtaining contributions in favor of client companies; of the study of tenders and regulations and of the management of the elaboration of technical documentation, reporting and cost analysis.

Two similar but junior profiles, graduates, will be trained with the aim of acquiring autonomy in the evaluation, analysis and implementation of projects aimed at obtaining public grants and financing for client companies. With the support of the Centro Studi, they will deal with the study of tenders and regulations and will manage the processing of technical documentation, reporting and cost analysis.

A technical analyst in subsidized finance, with at least one year experience, master's degree in the legal or economic field and knowledge of the legal system of reference, will be responsible for identifying in the regulatory system the national, regional and chamber facilitating measures available to companies, carrying out information and guidance activities for the management, and constant support to the operational offices. A back office employee, with a diploma or degree in economics, who will have to create a continuity relationship with the customer through constant and consultative support.

Two engineers BU 4.0 (hyper depreciation / tax credit Goods instrumental), master's degree in Engineering, management or mechanics and enrolled in the register, to support the customer in the selection and purchase of machinery by verifying the technical specifications, making sure that they meet all the conditions required by law with the aim of benefiting from the capital goods tax credit. Based on the level of seniority and experience, the sworn / sworn technical appraisal required by the type of investment will also be carried out.

Two commercial for Lombardy, as many in Veneto, one for Emilia Romagna with experience preferably in the sector. of subsidized finance or at companies of business services with high school and / or university degrees.

The selections will soon open also for the positions of Network Manager and Business Analyst. Further insertions in various corporate roles are also planned during the year. It is also possible to apply by sending your curriculum vitae to \

Viceversa Founded by Matteo Masserdotti and Pedro Salvi, the fintech startup Viceversa continues its growth with the hiring of three new figures for the headquarters from Milan. A partnership manager, will be responsible for leading initiatives to generate new business opportunities and engage with the company's business partners. The candidate has strong communication skills and should be able to think critically when making plans and have a demonstrated ability to execute a specific strategy. The profile has a degree in Economics or Marketing and at least three years of experience.

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