Zetha Mansion: Zagor / Flash with Mauro Uzzeo, Giovanni Masi and Davide Gianfelice

Zetha Mansion: Zagor / Flash with Mauro Uzzeo, Giovanni Masi and Davide Gianfelice

Zetha Mansion

Thursday 17 March starting at 20:30 special episode of Zetha Mansion dedicated to Zagor / Flash - The Hatchet and the Lightning with Mauro Uzzeo, Giovanni Masi and Davide Gianfelice. With Manuel Enrico and Domenico Bottalico. The appointment is obviously on the Twitch channel of Cultura POP.

Zetha Mansion: Zagor / Flash

Zetha Mansion - Zagor / Flash: from Darkwood to Central City

Zetha Mansion becomes the center of the Multiverse: Giovanni "Zeth Castle" Zaccaria together with Manuel Enrico and Domenico Bottalico meet Mauro Uzzeo, Giovanni Masi and Davide Gianfelice authors of Zagor / Flash - La Scure e il Fulmine or the first official crossover between DC and those Sergio Bonelli Editore arrived a few days ago in all the Italian comic shops and bookstores and soon also in the American ones. An all-round chat in the company of the authors on the creative process behind this incredible story, on what was initially seen as one of the most unlikely encounters in the history of comics, on the points of contact between the Scarlet Sprinter and the Spirit on the Hatchet, on the legacy of The Flash and on the legacy of Zagor. Let's celebrate together the Adventure, the sense of wonder and two of the most loved characters ever by the Italian public.

The team-up between Zagor and Flash, the first fruit of the exceptional project in which Bonellian heroes meet those of the DC universe, will lead us to the heart of the Darkwood forest in a completely new and seductive perspective, thanks to the story co-written by Giovanni Masi and Mauro Uzzeo (Il Confine), designed by Davide Gianfelice (Orfani, K-11, The Flash) and with the colors of Adele Matera and Luca Saponti. The two main characters are among the most famous in world comics. On the one hand is the forensic agent Barry Allen, who struck by lightning and doused with chemicals comes into contact with a mysterious source of energy: the Speed ​​Force. Using that power to help anyone who needs it, he transforms into the Flash, the fastest man in the world. On the other side there is "The Spirit With The Hatchet", a man with extraordinary powers: his characteristic battle cry "AAAAHHYAAK!" it haunts anyone who tries to undermine the peace of Darkwood Forest. But what will be the extraordinary threat that they will have to face in the complete tale that sees the two famous heroes face to face for the first time? How will two characters as different as they are similar to each other, like Zagor and Flash, manage to coexist and collaborate? And what will be the point of contact between the DC Universe and that of Sergio Bonelli Editore, who will engage their meeting?

Buy Zagor / Flash - The Hatchet and the Lightning Bolt on Amazon Zagor / Flash - The Hatchet and the Lightning bolt is enriched by in-depth articles and a rich gallery of preparatory drawings, covers and unpublished images created by Davide Gianfelice , Carmine Di Giandomenico and Emiliano Mammucari, will also be available with a special Variant Cover created by comic superstar Gabriele Dell'Otto, on sale exclusively in the Games Academy chain and on the Sergio Bonelli Editore website.

About Zetha Mansion

Zetha Mansion is the new format that Zeth Castle has created for Cultura Pop and airs on Thursdays from 20:30 to 22:30. As the name suggests, the goal is to "host you" at Zeth's home, in a container format that will embrace multiple transversal topics on a weekly basis, with a name that resembles titles like Maniac Mansion but that sounds almost like a "Dimension Z" in which being able to meet again, usually.

In Zetha Mansion you will find everything: from themed insights into new cinecomics or TV series taken from comics or of particular importance to the world of anime, but not only. Periodically, in rotation, we will talk about board games (another of my great passions), role playing, collecting and toys, videogames with particular links to the world of comics and much more, with 100% dedicated episodes and live guests. In short, and this is one of the most exciting challenges, my contents become even more transversal.

There will be a lot of talk about the Marvel Studios TV series on Disney Plus, as well as Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the new cinecomics Warner DC, but there will be room for many different events to satisfy all the needs of a heterogeneous community like our passions. Inside Zetha Mansion there will also be "the vent", a small corner of energy emission where we will also deal with the things that just don't go down. And there are, unfortunately, many. In short, you understand: your friendly neighborhood Zeth Castle will be one of the new (so to speak, stop laughing) faces of Pop Culture and is ready to accompany you in a great season of content.

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