The new Panini Disney products for April 2022

The new Panini Disney products for April 2022

A few minutes ago the Preview 366 catalog was released, from which we learn all the Panini Disney news for April 2022. The latest issue of Paperinik and the box set dedicated to PK Fuoriserie should be noted.

You can also retrieve the Panini Disney news announced for March 2022 thanks to our dedicated article.

Here are all the news, let's find out together!

The Panini Disney news for April 2022


MARCH 2, 2022

14 × 18,5, B., 160 pp., col. Euro 6.00

The collection of Gold statues from the world of Mickey is enriched with a new release. Minnie is coming!

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MARCH 9, 2022

14 × 18,5, B., 144 pp., Col. Euro 9.00

The latest issue of the Topolibri collection is dedicated to Disney comic stories that face the world of numbers as only Mice and Ducks can do, between irony and truthfulness, adventure and scientific rigor, and exceptional guest star (such as Alessio Figalli - Phil Gallis).


06 APRIL 2022

14 × 18,5, B., 160 pp., col. · Euro 3.20


APRIL 13, 2022

14 × 18.5, B., 160 pp., Col. · Euro 3.20


APRIL 20, 2022

14 × 18.5, B., 160 pp., Col. · Euro 3.20

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APRIL 27, 2022

14 × 18,5, B., 160 pp., Col. · Euro 3.20


Authors: G.B. Carpi

APRIL 2022 20 × 31.5, C., 80 pp., col.

Euro 14.90 TBD

new Panini Disney for April 2022 The Disney parody of famous novel by Lev Tolstoy interpreted by Giovan Battista Carpi (published for the first time in Topolino 1604 of 1986), in a work considered among his most successful masterpieces, for the care and refinement of the drawings and for the humor of the texts, as well as for the adaptation of the story. The tables of the volume maintain the original colors of the characters, while the backgrounds have been embellished with new shades, and lights and shadows. In support, a long editorial apparatus by Luca MICKEY AND THE THOUSAND GAMBADILEGNOBoschi and an in-depth study on coloring. Unpublished cover by Andrea Freccero.


Authors: AA.VV.

APRIL 2022 20,5 × 28, C., 80 pp., col.

Euro 14.90

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Authors: Matteo Venerus, Emmanuele Baccinelli

APRIL 2022 20,5 × 28, 144 pp., col.

Euro 13 , 00

The Topolino Extra series is enriched with a new volume dedicated to the amusing tribe of the Italici Paperi to tell the story, the one with a capital S, but from their point of view. A choral adventure set in the times of Republican Rome that made a foray into Italy in the early centuries BC. thanks to detailed documentation and lots of humor. The screenwriter Matteo Venerus and the designer Emmanuele Baccinelli, authors of the Roman epic parody, reveal behind the scenes and curiosities about the making of the saga.


APRIL 2022 14.5 x 19.5., 288 pp., Col.

Euro 13.00


Authors: Marco Gervasio

APRIL 2022 14.5 × 19.5, B., 288 pp., Col.

Euro 8.00

Inaugurates a new series of four volumes dedicated to collections of adventures written and drawn by the author himself. For this series of "complete artists" we start with the beloved Marco Gervasio, of whom we find stories ranging from Duckburg to Topolinia, but also in terms of topics covered: gaffe and heartbeat in Eta Beta and the stellar crush, noir atmospheres and many gags in Inspector Manetta and the perfect alibis, and a good dose of bad luck but also of empathy in Donald Duck and the first on the list, in which Donald recalls how his infamous list of debts originated, just to name a few ... An unmissable volume, embellished by the cover and the fluo green edges on the sides; also available in the version with collector box.


Authors: AA.VV.

MAY 2022 18,3 × 24,5, C., 304 pp., col.

Euro 25.00

new Panini Disney for April 2022 The series of elegant and precious monographic volumes continues, all dedicated to the great protagonists of the Disney world. This month it's Goofy's turn, with a collection of adventures chosen to show the best of Mickey's very nice best friend, allowing even the youngest readers to read (or reread) the great stories dedicated to him. Great adventures but also laughter, for 304 pages of unmissable comics.


Authors: A. Sisti, P. Mottura

APRIL 2022 20,5 × 28, C., 48 pp. , col.

Euro 10,00

While the Ducklair Tower is crowded with new and surprising tenants, an unprecedented dawn rises over Duckburg! With arcane methods that even One finds it hard to understand, the Sweet Lady and the relentless Anansi are determined to impose on the world ... order and serenity? It doesn't sound bad, yet Pikappa thinks otherwise. Fortunately, an unexpected guest is coming to help him ... Written by Alessandro Sisti and designed by Paolo Mottura, a new, unmissable PK adventure!


Authors: R. Gagnor - A Sisti / A. Lavoradori, R. Vian, L. Pastrovicchio, V. Mangiatordi

MAY 2022

Euro 10.00 TBD


Authors: R. Gagnor - A Sisti / A. Lavoradori, R. Vian, L. Pastrovicchio, V. Mangiatordi

MAY 2022

Euro 69.40 TBD

The box to collect all the volumes of the Galaxy saga- Gate! Contains the first 6 volumes of Mickey Mouse Fuoriserie: A new hero, Danger Dome, Ur-Evron, Days of Evron, Obsidian, Days of Pikappa. Plus a prestigious collectible lithograph!

Buy PK 25th Anniversary Box on Amazon PAPERINO 503

Authors: AA.VV.

APRIL 2022 • 14 × 19,5, B., 192 pp., with the. • Euro 3.70

The monthly dedicated to Donald continues, from the new year in an "enriched" version, with a beautiful unpublished story of Italian production, a reissue of the PIA series, or the Paperon Intelligence Agency, and a "special" adventure, introduced by a dedicated editorial. Readers will be able to re-read the legendary Uncle Scrooge and the Amazons without Rio, signed by Maestro Rodolfo Cimino.


Authors: AA.VV.

APRIL 2022 • 14 × 19,5, B., 192 pp., col. • Euro 3.70

With My Twentieth Million the saga All Millions of Scrooge ends and it is an important story, told by Fausto Vitaliano and Paolo Mottura. Story Superstar this month is Uncle Scrooge and the archaeological scam, which also accompanies the second part of the story of the disappearance of the Uncle, worrying relatives, friends and readers, in The enigma of the letter from the past - The candle. To complete the volume, two unpublished stories and many fun adventures.


Authors: AA.VV.

APRIL 2022 • 20 × 27,5, B., 200 pp., col . • Euro 10.90

The wait is over for the second of the PK Giant Double Special Edition "spin offs", which offers for the first time all the miniseries ever seen in Giant format, or See the Evron voice, 5Y, I am Xadhoom, Trip's Strip, Out… wave and Lo zen and quantum physics. Short but respectable adventures of great impact, highly appreciated by pkers and written by Augusto Macchetti, Francesco Artibani, Tito Faraci, Bruno Enna, Diego Fasano and Alessandro Sisti. This rich volume, not to be missed, completes the collection.


Authors: AA.VV.

MAY 2022 • 13,7 × 19,5, B., 192 pp., col. • Euro 4.20

This issue concludes the PK - Pikappa saga that has kept you company for many months with the thirty-second episode written and drawn by several hands, entitled The End ?, a saraband of fights and explosions in which Duckburg suffers attacks from multiple fronts. Still on the subject of alternative realities, Paperinik ... a hero from another world, a story signed by Tito Faraci and Giorgio Cavazzano, ours will travel to a parallel dimension where he will meet another himself in a not yet "super" version. Real, virtual or… viral? Paperinik and the viral threat will "infect" you in a good mood!


Authors: AA.VV.

APRIL 2022 • 12.5 × 18.5, B., 240 pp., col. • Euro 5.00

In Great Classics Disney 76, among the other interpreters of the "Disney Band" we find the sea dog Moby Duck and Donald Duck "Zampata", or the Cuban double of Donald Duck invented by Marco Rota , a very nice “musical antihero” we met on n. 2 of Almanacco Mickey Mouse. Among the Superstar Stories, Eta Beta also returns to the scene with five yellow adventures of the era in which the little man of the future is interpreted in a different way by Giovan Battista Carpi, Luciano Gatto and Pier Lorenzo De Vita. Among the other stories: Donald Duck as an Oscar-winning actor, written by François Corteggiani for the drawings by Giorgio Cavazzano, and Pico de Paperis against “Cervellofacile”, with text and pencils by Romano Scarpa and inks by Giorgio Cavazzano.


Authors: AA.VV.

MARCH 2022 • 12.5 × 18.5, B., 416 pp., col. • Euro 6.50

A large volume, with a collection of stories that offers a wide variety of characters and authors. Mickey will investigate a possible organized robbery of his arch rival, but this time they are both enrolled in a dance class: Mickey and the dance step shot is signed by Sisto Nigro for the screenplay and Salvatore Deiana for the pencils. The "young" version of Donald Duck is also back in the register, with Donald Duck and the secretary club, by Augusto Macchetti and Nicola Tosolini. In short, even this month the Big guarantees stories for all types of readers…


Authors: AA.VV.

APRIL 2022 • 14 × 18,6, B ., 192 pp., Col. • Euro 4.00

Duckburg welcomes the summer with a volume of great laughter. A collection of fun-filled stories, signed by Disney's Masters of Humor. Like the beautiful Donald Duck & the recycled sculpture by Gabriele Mazzoleni and Francesco Guerrini, in which Donald Duck decides to empty the attic, selling all those useless objects accumulated over the years. But in Duckburg the unexpected is just around the corner and nothing ever goes as it should!


Authors: AA.VV.

APRIL 2022 • 14 × 18,6, B., 96 pp., col. • Euro 6.50

Ciccio great protagonist of this month's Mix, with funny stories set on the farm. He opens the Ciccio e la pen indigesta register, in which Nonna Papera's friendly helper leaves the farm on his way to a restaurant in the city. The adventure is signed by the master Tito Faraci, and carried on the page by the pencil of Giuseppe Dalla Santa. A Mickey Mouse ladle or bottle opener as a gift: collect them both!


Authors: AA.VV.

APRIL 2022 • 17,8 × 24, B., 128 pp., col. • Euro 5.00

The international Almanac Easter Mickey celebrates with unpublished stories such as Donald Duck and the Easter hero, written by Sune Troelstrup for the drawings of the Italian-Spanish Cèsar Ferioli Pelaez, and Mickey and chance of the clones, one of the first unpublished works of the seventies, designed by Paul Murry, found and recently proposed to readers all over the world. For the archival stories, Romano Scarpa transports the main inhabitants of Duckburg to France, joined by the Neapolitan witch Amelia for a terrible battle at the last magic, while Giorgio Cavazzano sends, on texts by Giorgio Pezzin, a patrol of aliens to Topolinia for colonize it and see the effect it does. Among the other authors in summary, also stand out Kari Korhonen, with Scrooge, and David Gerstein, together with Daniel Branca, with Donald, Daisy and assorted nephews.


Authors: AA.VV.

APRIL 2022 • 14.5 × 19.5, B., 144 pp., col. • Euro 5.00

Two stories never republished since the 90s, for the texts by Nino Russo: Le GM: Alvin and psychology at risk, drawn by Emilio Catellani, and Le GM and the race for concessions, with drawings by Luciano Milano. Following, a story by Carl Barks revisited by the Dutch Daan Jippes, Le GM and the hidden traitor, and two great classics: Donald Duck and the tourist invasion, for the texts by Osvaldo Pavese and the drawings by Giuseppe Perego, and the super gem Donald and the forest expert, with Paperoga's first appearance in an Italian Disney story! Finally, the first episode of a great four-part saga: The GMs in Operation Alaska! And there will be many articles and services dedicated to nature!


Authors: AA.VV.

APRIL 2022 • 13,7 × 19,5, B., 288 pp., col. • Euro 6.50

The perfect volume for those who love four-legged friends arrives at newsstands and in comics shops, with many stories that, in addition to the classic Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge & Co., Also feature puppies of every gender. Unmissable Donald Duck and the Nervous Barking Dog, signed by two Disney humor masters, Enrico Faccini and Stefano Intini: Donald Duck will find himself struggling with a tireless puppy, unable to calm down. Until the final surprise…


Authors: AA.VV.

MAY 2022 • 13.7 × 19.5, B. , 288 pp., Col. • Euro 6.20

In this volume, everything will be incredibly possible, even what is usually not, just as happens in the opening story of Donald Duck and the adventure on the edge of reality. And what about the incredible battles of Star Stories: Paperobot vs. the Paperoids? In Donald Duck, Gastone and the probabilistic deviator, then, there are facts that happen despite the fact that the calculation of probabilities is negative, while cute animals able to cross trees and other obstacles populate Donald Duck and the incorporeal wood.

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