Raspberry Pi uses a PCIe video card thanks to this hack

Raspberry Pi uses a PCIe video card thanks to this hack

The carrier boards for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 allow you to expand the possibilities of the well-known Single Board Computer, thanks also to the PCIe slot, not present in the “classic” versions of Raspberry Pi. Recently, for example, we told you about an accessory that allows you to quadruple the PCIe slots for connecting a greater number of peripherals, or a board that makes the Raspberry Pi CM4 a real mini-ITX PC.

Next on the list of things not meant to have a PCI (e) VGA graphics card:

The Raspberry Pi CM4

Again with some minor driver tweaks since the Broadcom PCIe host seems to hate write combining pic.twitter.com/zm5eo76COd

- Toble_Miner | tsys (@Toble_Miner) February 20, 2022

The potential is really huge and today we present the project of the Twitter user "Toble_Miner", who made a mini PCie graphics card working with the Raspberry Pi SoC. Specifically it is a Delock based on Silicon Motion's SM750 chipset, which is generally used to provide 2D graphics support and video playback capabilities to embedded applications, thin clients and servers.

Obviously, this is not of a particularly powerful device, as it has four cores running at 300MHz and uses 100MB of system memory. As for the video outputs, there are two VGAs, as well as digital interfaces for LCD panels and Zoomed Video. Toble_Miner had to change the driver in the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS to use the board. In case you are interested, also to learn more about hacking GPU drivers to make them compatible on Raspberry PI, we recommend that you take a look at the Toble_Miner Twitter page.

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A week ago, we also told you about a rather interesting project that transformed Raspberry PI Zero 2 W into a real portable mini PC with keyboard and screen (taken directly from a Game Boy Advance. more details in our previous dedicated article.

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