Pokémon Arceus Legends: Discover a hidden room with modern furnishings

Pokémon Arceus Legends: Discover a hidden room with modern furnishings

Pokémon Arceus Legends

The youtuber Faz Faz discovered inside the Pokémon Legends Arceus the existence of a secret room characterized by modern furniture, complete with a TV and a limited edition Nintendo Switch of Let'S GO Pikachu.

In the movie , which you can see below, Faz Faz explains that he found the room in question using external software via PC, since otherwise it would not be possible to access it in any way. The interesting thing is precisely the furniture is modern, with electronic devices, such as the TV and the Nintendo Switch themed Pikachu, which could not exist in the era in which the player is catapulted at the beginning of Pokémon Arceus Legends. In addition, the room is treated in every detail and there are, for example, shelves full of objects, posters, frames with photos and more.

There are those who rightly hypothesize that the room could be content cut in the introductory part of the game. Probably in the initial plans the player would have taken the first steps inside his bedroom, as happens in all the games of the main series, before being catapulted into the past by Arceus.

Less probable theory, but not to be excluded a priori, that the room is somehow linked to the contents that we will find within a DLC of Arceus Pokémon Legends. Nothing official has been announced at the moment, but a rather well-known leaker of the environment recently said that the first expansion could arrive during the month of April. We'll see.

Meanwhile Pokémon Legends Arceus is enjoying great commercial success. It is first for the third week in a row on the UK sales chart and Nintendo has confirmed that 6.5 million copies have been sold in the first week of launch, the best result ever for a Pokémon series game on the Nintendo Switch.

If you are playing Pokémon Legends and need a hand how to get Eevee and all its evolutions and how to complete the mysterious quest "Legend of the Sea".

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