Bandai Namco works on a $ 130 million metaverse project

Bandai Namco works on a $ 130 million metaverse project

Bandai Namco said during a recent investor conference that it wants to focus on building a metaverse (or more) to connect its users, through a project that could cost 15 billion yen, or about 130 million dollars. .

The project is rather large and complex, to tell the truth not very defined up to now in the descriptions to the public: we are talking about "IP Axis Strategy", a strategy that aims to pursue three main objectives or connect the fans through its intellectual properties, enhance the value of these and expand the IPs to the whole world, in order to increase sales and their audience outside of Japan.

The idea of ​​a "Metaverse IP "of 130 million dollars is part of this idea of ​​connecting users and expanding their influence, but it is not clear whether it is a single project or many different social spaces that are declined according to the verse Bandai Namco series.

"Bandai Namco will develop a metaverse for each IP as a framework to connect fans", reads the plan published by Bandai Namco.

Bandai Namco, the logo change "In this IP Metaverse, we anticipate virtual spaces that will allow buyers to enjoy a wide range of entertainment on the intellectual property axis, as well as frameworks that exploit points of strength of Bandai Namco to merge physical products and digital elements ".

So the idea is to strengthen the communities of the various series of Bandai Namco through the construction of metaversi-frameworks as virtual spaces in which users can meet and get in touch, as well as possibly buy various types of goods, based on what emerges. The various spaces should then also connect to each other in a general Bandai Namco metaverse, but we await further information on this to better understand the matter.

Meanwhile, the publisher is working on a proprietary "large-scale" game engine.

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