Smart home, the solutions of Italian startups in Las Vegas

Smart home, the solutions of Italian startups in Las Vegas

Smart home

Also this year, CES brought together, not without difficulty due to the pandemic, the best startups in the world, with the idea of ​​exploring the potential of innovation, not only in terms of applications but also in commercial terms.

Italy, as for some years now, has been present with over forty names, at least on paper, given that the fears of contagions from Omicron have physically brought just over twenty startups to Las Vegas local innovations.

One of the sectors not talked about so much when the context is that of hi-tech is food and beverage. And instead, there is no shortage of news in this field. Witness, among others, Albicchiere, present in Las Vegas, among the protagonists in the Smart Home and Appliances category of CES 2022.

Albicchiere, wine becomes smart

Albicchiere is a Umbrian startup, born from a need: to preserve the taste and organoleptic properties of the wine left in the bottle, mainly in the home. The system of the same name is based on the use of a 750 ml smart bag (as much as a bottle) sealed with an air leak-proof system, then inserted into a dispenser from which to pour wine as needed.

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Hotel startup The Perugia-based company had already attended CES 2019. In 2020, a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was launched to finance the first phase of distribution. The system offers up to 6 months of wine storage after opening and ensures that the wine is always at the right serving temperature.

The dispenser is battery powered, perfect for use outdoors. It uses NFC tags to recognize smart bags and view information on the dispenser monitor and on the app. The app allows you to create and manage your home cellar, easily reorder wine and remotely control

Domethics, the old smartphone as a gateway

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The solution offers two fundamental advantages: the first is the low price - Adriano reduces the installation costs of a home IoT kit - and the second is that the technology allows you to manage the system on much more versatile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Compared to classic IoT gateways, the use of devices capable of running apps opens the way to new features that third-party companies can develop to broaden the horizons of home automation.

Adriano is a stand where you can insert a old smartphone or tablet, both horizontally and vertically: it will remain on thanks to its spare batteries, and will remain connected with the 4G or 5G network. As of today, the product is on KickStarter.

Hotel startup

WiDesign, turn on the lights in style

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WiOO is nothing more than a wall plate that can be installed on instead of the traditional classics. Once inserted, it can replace switches and diverters, to connect the lights and ensure that they are also controlled remotely, via the app.

Integration with proprietary ecosystems, such as Apple's HomeKit, is not lacking. The beauty is that it does not need an external hub and, even in the absence of the internet, it continues to control the lights by touching it. The WiOO system is available in two units, the WiOO Master Switch which wirelessly connects and coordinates up to 30 WiOO Switches, significantly reducing the electrical system and building work and does not require any Hub or other additional hardware to function.

Through the WiOO app, all WiOO Switches are automatically recognized and a Mesh network is created automatically to associate them with the home master.

Sensosan, nebulize the air

Sensosan is part of the Rovereto Mechatronics Center. It produces intelligent nebulizers for sanitation and well-being with patented technology, capable of automating and certifying the sanitation process of environments and surfaces as well as monitoring the parameters of indoor environments such as carbon dioxide concentration, relative humidity and temperature.

S¹ is a conical device that uses various sensors to detect environmental parameters and process them thanks to artificial intelligence. It should be placed on a surface inside the room to be sanitized to start sampling the air, evaluating its parameters.

Once they ascertain that the optimal conditions exist to start sanitization - that is, that there is no there are open windows or other important sources of air recirculation - S¹ begins the nebulization process. The times vary according to the extent of the environment to be treated.

Generally, S¹ can sanitize a room of 100 square meters in no more than a quarter of an hour. Sensosan products are currently in use in various hospitality, industrial and clinical facilities.

The company, positioned in the life sciences field, aims to provide its customers with a new way of well-being deriving from the olfactory system and, exploiting this principle, is committed to creating technologies to support psychophysical balance.

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