Red Dead Online, users furious at Rockstar Games for lack of content

Red Dead Online, users furious at Rockstar Games for lack of content

Red Dead Online

Finally, the controversy over the current state of Red Dead Online has exploded, with many users protesting against Rockstar Games, via social media, due to the scarcity of content that recently characterizes the online multiplayer platform of Red Dead Redemption 2, with all the efforts. that seem focused on GTA Online, at least according to reports from these users.

The company recently announced a first update for 2022, which includes some bonuses and extras planned for the next period, including events special Call to Arms, Gang Hideout and others, but that's not enough for many Red Dead Online players, who complain about Rockstar Games' lack of commitment to the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer platform.

Red Dead Online, one of the meme-images spread on Reddit on the current state of support Above all it is evident, according to many, the difference in treatment between Red Dead Online and GTA Online, with the developers who seem much more concentrated on the second compared to the first: although it has been active since 2013, the multiplayer of GTA 5 has had a much more constant and progressive evolution and would currently be supported with greater commitment by Rockstar, according to the disappointed players.

For this reason, the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline is spreading on Twitter, in trending in these early days of 2022, in an attempt by users to demonstrate a certain dissent to Rockstar Games, trying to push it to engage more on Red Dead Online: "Two years of this nonsense Rockstar stuff now, they just aren't interested anymore: the attention for Red Dead 2 is gone," said Ben T. On Twitter.

"Three years of neglect for Red Dead Online in favor of an 8 year old and messy game like GTA Online. Red Dead Online has been left to rot by Rockstar's incompetence to listen to their community" , wrote GTA Detective, just to give some examples.

It's no better on Reddit, where the game's official sub is often flooded with protest posts, as well as ironic memes about Rockstar Games' disappearance from the world of Red Dead Online, left to itself without major updates.

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Red Dead Online's Paltry PS4 Updates Continue to Frustrate Fans

<a href="">Red Dead Redemption 2</a> PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Late last year, GTA Online received an enormous update, adding a new business and multiple mission types – including story content, featuring Dr Dre – to the game. In the meantime, Red Dead Online has been largely left abandoned. While Rockstar has added various new job types to the Western sandbox over the years, as well as a pretty cool co-op survival mode, its support has waned in favour of Los Santos.

Frustration among fans has boiled over this week, as the developer welcomed the New Year with a bunch of bonuses for existing game types and modes. It’s prompted some to start the social media hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline. “Two years of this nonsense from Rockstar now,” one writer at Rockstar Intel said. “They simply don’t care anymore, the care and love for Red Dead Redemption 2 is long gone.”

Sadly, GTA Online has always been the big money-spinner for Rockstar, and that’s left Red Dead Online playing second fiddle. It’ll be interesting to see whether the developer does have more up its sleeve for later this year, or if its focus on the PlayStation 5 version of GTA5 and fixing the broken GTA Trilogy will gobble up all of its resources. Either way, it’s a shame, because there’s huge potential in the company’s Wild West sandbox.

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