GTA Online has become an incredible game!

GTA Online has become an incredible game!

In the first half hour in GTA Online, the disorientation was total. Problems aiming, finding all the necessary functions; it was difficult even to orientate, since as soon as I opened the map I was riddled with shots by some passing psychopath. But just when I started thinking that I had gotten too old for this stuff, the situation suddenly became calmer. From that moment on I was able to catch my breath and discover that the Dualsense microphone had always been active, and that my ravings in Italian had attracted the attention of a fellow countryman who was looking for a horn, now with a certain insistence, to persuade me to get into his sports car for who knows where.

Flying chats

GTA Online: Released in 2020, the Cayo Perico expansion is one of the greatest Magic of all time. proximity chat, but above all that of the betrayal of the PlayStation 5 pad. At that point the guy also activates his microphone, let's talk, I start a sort of interview while he gently drives me wherever I can think of. I find that he loves GTA Online enough to play it most days, and that he was walking around just to pass the time before he met me. This type of interactions are the best, it's exactly what I'm looking for in online games where you usually shoot first and then say goodbye to teabagging, and it's the first time that GTA Online offers me them in this pure form, as well as totally unexpected. .

Night is falling, I have finally taken my measurements again, I know what I can do and what not; I even have time to enjoy my great apartment, give it a dusting with my eyes after so much absence. So even bad habits re-emerge and I inevitably end up turning on the TV on the all news channel, which is one of the functions I love most in GTA Online and on which I have already spent hours and hours. For the uninitiated, the channel in question broadcasts live the games of the other players on the server, thus offering full blast action, daring escapes on the highway, shootings in some local jewelry store. Fun, but said slowly to emphasize its weight: a ... fun!

Dirty Money

GTA Online: Released in 2018, the After Hours expansion has profoundly changed the economy game and shown on the screens Gay Tony and Lazlow I still have some money aside, so while the Italian friend nervously buzzes to go home, I sneak on my cell phone to figure out which business to buy. As if you haven't already decided! In a few moments I am in front of the "buy" button that will give me access to a personal office of good luxury and to the new storyline The Contract, the one that sees the long-awaited return of Franklin, Lamar, Dr. Dre himself and the legendary Chop. A couple of simple jobs, sabotaging rival companies to start with, make us around $ 40,000. Enough to convince us to make ourselves beautiful and spend the rest of the night at the San Andreas casino that I had heard so much about, but which in the end I never went to.

The Italian friend, of whom there is it is towards me you remember the name, he has chosen for the occasion his loudest and most eye-catching racing car that parks a few meters from the blinding entrance of the building. We go inside, we hear French and Spanish spoken, there are those who scream nervously in front of the wheel of fortune that this week promises an exclusive car. They push me, they yank me, I really wish I could order a drink at the bar and have it delivered to the console; someone tells me in my ear that if I buy a submarine, I can reach the island of Cayo Perico from the casino. So at least I think I understand.


GTA Online: The Latest DLC The Contract is the closest thing to a single player expansion for GTA V Escape the Zone more crowded to slip into the room dedicated to horse racing. If there was one thing I loved doing in GTA San Andreas it was playing horses, I don't know how many hours I will have spent in that shabby betting room. Now everything is bigger, in those virtual chips I can invest real money, an important win can open up new gameplay possibilities. There is a different weight in these bets, compared to those of the past or the scratch cards of Chinatown Wars, they pinch more, they excite strangely. I'll be back in the lights, a round of slot machines and ... "there's a beautiful nightclub back here".

The morning is still far away. I turn the corner and we enter a beautiful place, stuff at the height of the best Gay Tony that my companion confirms to me to have really arrived in town. His presence is linked to the players' ability to invest and manage exclusive clubs. Music for the masses as well as for my ears: I want to do it now, or maybe not next time. For the moment I enjoy the frenzy of the city, traveling on the nocturnal and persuasive voice of the DJ who changes records. I let myself go and dance, dance and dance. Other people enter and leave the place, and finally we leave too. As the black night gives way to the milky fog of Los Santos, and the party lights begin to look eerily out of place, it's time for me and my single-serving friend to say goodbye, but not goodbye. The guy is registered as a bodyguard in the company's org chart, so chances are that when I wake up back in the Rockstar metaverse he'll be back there, finger on the intercom and an invitation ready for more new adventures. In the end it went well: I put the money in it, and he car and gun. A classic and very normal criminal story, Italian style. Mo ce ripijam all that is ours.

10/10 I'll do it again

Nine long years

GTA Online: What awaits us in the nextgen version? Nine years, however, they feel. In this very long period of time GTA Online has been reinvented several times and the layers on which the current version is built are visible and damage its evident and immortal qualities. The millions of phone calls of storylines that have always haunted us continue, the draconian subdivision of certain functions, the limits imposed by goals already achieved; how the last graphic restructuring that dates back to 2014 begins to look dated.

We hope that what we have heard is true, that in addition to the expected graphic restyling, the next version of GTA V expected in 2022 on new consoles generation and PC is also an opportunity to clean up GTA Online, removing all those redundant superstructures that confuse the player and weigh down the experience. After all, this world is destined to expand indefinitely, and it also deserves it: we know that you are still angry for not having even seen a DLC, but if you take a leap there you will realize it for yourself. In these nine years a lot of love has been poured into us, that historical creativity has not disappeared but has simply been put at the service of a modality that has become legend by no coincidence.

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