PS5 will host one of the best indies of 2021

PS5 will host one of the best indies of 2021

In addition to backwards compatible games, a completely new game has also been spotted on the PS5 PlayStation Store. it is an independent title that debuted last year on PC and Xbox consoles, also nominated for The Game Awards and which could soon be released on the Sony console.

We are talking, of course, of The Artful Escape. The house title Beethoven and Dinosaur, an Australian software house, was published by Annapurna Interactive in the last months of 2021 and immediately became the protagonist of the independent scene, almost on a par with Kena: Bridge of Spirit and It Takes Two. However, the title was left out of PS5, due to an exclusivity for PC and Xbox consoles, which could be discontinued soon.

Why should The Artful Escape be so important for the Sony console? Simply because it is a very interesting indie, which has been able to conquer audiences and critics. The game's Metacritic is in fact very high, with an average rating of 80 out of over 50 reviews in the specialized press. And the story is decidedly particular: as a prodigy guitarist, the players embark on a psychedelic journey between a deceased folk legend and the search for stage self.

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Hades is one of the most beautiful independent games ever: you can buy it in the PS5 version by visiting this address.

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