Pellet stoves | The best of 2022

Pellet stoves | The best of 2022

UPDATE 07/01/2022: we have added a new pellet stove to the list.

In winter, you know, you need to defend yourself from the cold and, although there are many solutions to keep temperatures at the right threshold, the stoves Pellets are probably the most effective heating method. Furthermore, this type of appliance could play an important role in the furniture of your home, improving its style, since many of the recent pellet stoves boast an elegant design, even if you will have to deal with the space available, since you do not deals with small and light appliances.

As you know, a pellet stove works with the fuel of the same name, which dirties much less than the classic wood for the fireplace, encouraging many to rely on this solution rather than to a gas heating system, which still remains the cleanest heating method, although probably the most expensive in the medium and long term.

The advantages of having a pellet stove are therefore different, but to take full advantage of them, it is necessary to rely on models of a certain level, also for safety reasons. We must not forget, in fact, that these are appliances that must work and withstand very high temperatures, and that is why we have taken care to carefully analyze the proposals available on the market and list below only those that we believe to be the best pellet stoves. .

The best pellet stoves

Nordica Extraflame Ketty Qlima Fiorina 74 Eva Calor Susy Idro New York Nordica Extraflame Duchessa Idro Steel Punto Fuoco Lory

Nordica Extraflame Ketty

We couldn't do not start by proposing a Nordica stove, undoubtedly the best known brand in the pellet stove market. Its popularity does not come from the simple fact that it is an Italian company, but also and above all from the fact that the brand produces reliable, safe and modern design pellet stoves. There are several Nordica solutions, but we recommend that you consider the Extraflame Ketty because it is a model that adapts to any environment and has the capacity to heat an apartment of about 80 square meters, given that the maximum heat output is 6, 5 kW. Covered in painted steel, this model boasts a 15kg tank and features a safety thermostat and the main operating modes, including weekly programming.

Qlima Fiorina 74

Aesthetically similar to the previous model, the Qlima Fiorina 74 is another excellent performance pellet stove. In this case, the thermal power reaches 8.7 kW, which makes it suitable for rooms of almost 100 square meters. Compared to the Nordica solution, the tank is a little smaller, but its 13kg capacity will still be sufficient to allow you not to have to add pellets every time it is switched on. Among the main functions we mention the double daily programming and the automatic cleaning of the crucible. The drain is located on the back and thanks to the multiple safety systems you will have complete peace of mind that everything will proceed as planned.

Eva Calor Susy

Thanks to its small, slim and compact structure, the Eva Calor Susy is the ideal pellet stove for those with limited space. At the technological level, it is at the forefront and will be able to heat rooms up to 80 square meters. The smoke outlet is placed laterally, allowing you to position it also next to a wall, as long as the latter is not flammable. The 12kg tank isn't the largest, but when you consider the size of the stove it's not bad at all. Finally, as for any self-respecting pellet model, there is no lack of daily and weekly programming.

Idro New York

The Idro New York by TBT Price is the pellet stove that you should buy if you need to heat very large rooms. Its 22 kW, in fact, will allow you to obtain excellent results up to 200 square meters. Aesthetically, it may not be the best when compared with other models, so it is likely that you will have to position it in the right place to prevent it from ruining the style of the furniture. In any case, it is an excellent heating solution, with a 32kg tank! It is also equipped with 5 power levels and can be programmed with 3 daily starts and stops.

Nordica Extraflame Duchessa Idro Steel

If you are looking for a pellet stove prepared for connection to the heating system, for example radiators or underfloor heating, then the Nordica Extraflame Duchessa Idro Steel is the one for you. The price is important, but any insider knows that those who want a solution that connects to the rest of the system must face heavy costs. Obviously, the advantages of having this type of heating will be considerable, especially with a stove like the one just mentioned, which is technologically advanced and which operates in total respect for the environment. As for the heat output, the manufacturer claims 12 kW, which makes it perfect for homes over 100 square meters. In short, a model in which the typical quality of Nordica solutions stands out.

Punto Fuoco Lory

Generic photos. Another model that has proven to be reliable and efficient is the Punto Fuoco Lory, a modern pellet stove suitable for heating medium and small rooms. With a clean design and easy-to-understand controls, you can place it close to any wall in your home, also because the technologies implemented in this model will ensure that the heat from the pellets is dispersed over a large radius. Obviously the structure of the stove is in steel and the ash drawer is removable, allowing you to clean it periodically and with extreme ease.

How to choose the pellet stove

Buying a pellet stove is equivalent to facing an important expense, since you can easily exceed the € 1,000 threshold, especially if you consider a high-end model, such as those we have just mentioned . And precisely for this reason it is necessary to pay close attention and avoid making a hasty purchase, in order not only to take home a model that is not suitable for your environment, but also to avoid having to make a hypothetical return, which will prove to be decidedly complicated due to the size and weight of the stove. Our advice, therefore, is to keep in mind the factors that we will describe below because they will be fundamental at the time of purchase.

Volume to be heated

Before putting in search of the pellet stove, you should know the square meters of the environment you want to heat. A pellet stove, in fact, will only be effective if it has the power to release the heat necessary to heat a certain volume. The power is expressed in kW and if we take an 80 square meter house as an example, it means that you will need a 7-8 kW stove. Consequently, if you live in a house of 100 and passes square meters, then we suggest that you consider a model of at least 10 kW.

Programs and safety

The second factor to consider is the presence or absence of the possibility to program the pellet stove. In fact, how many times have you come back from work and find a cold house? In this regard, a model that will allow you to program automatic ignition and shutdown at a preset time is certainly to be preferred, as is a stove that boasts the most sophisticated safety technologies. In fact, let's not forget that it is a device that works at very high temperatures and that, in some cases, works in conjunction with the rest of the house system, which is why the stove should have safety systems that allow it to switch off. automatically immediately after a possible malfunction.


Depending on the power of the stove, the capacity of the tank is important because the autonomy and practicality of the stove depend on this. In the first case, if you have special equipment for automatic filling and the stove has a good tank, you will not have to fill it every two by three, and this obviously will also affect the practicality of the appliance, since, in the absence of an automatic filling system, you will be able to manually insert the pellets.

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