Minecraft meets Genshin Impact: the ambitious project of a creator

Minecraft meets Genshin Impact: the ambitious project of a creator

Minecraft meets Genshin Impact

There is not a day that goes by without new creations in Minecraft. On the other hand, the Mojang sandbox has always lent itself to more or less crazy or very creative businesses and today's news is no exception. This time, however, a player has gone a little too far, recreating an entire fictional continent.

Minecraft The player behind this feat is called Dawn Archi and has decided to embark on the crazy idea of ​​rebuilding the continent of Teyvat, where Genshin Impact is set. The work was completed by borrowing some creations from other users, but most of the work is the result of the creator's own work. "All you see is the whole of my work, one after the other, over the course of this last year. It was a crazy idea, which has finally come true, "Archi said when he showed his work.

The map, by Archi's own admission, shows some of Genshin Impact's most recognizable places. “I wonder how many you will recognize!” Said Archi. An important detail? Most of the structures created took more than ten days of work. Clearly there are still other details to fix, but as we all know the processing of any work in Minecraft follows a very precise flow, made up of the extraction of various materials and their "assembly". Archi's work is also decidedly complex, since not all buildings are in a single file and he has decided to make them completely public, provided of course that they are not involved in commercial or profit-making activities. Unfortunately we cannot embed the video, but you can view it yourself by visiting this address.

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Minecraft build magnificently recreates Genshin Impact's Mondstadt

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Mondstadt is the first major city in Genshin Impact, and essentially acts as the game's main hub for much of its length. It's where you meet tonnes of the game's characters, pick up quests, and generally spend a lot of time. Genshin's equivalent to Whiterun, if you like. For a city like this in a popular videogame it was only a matter of time before the Minecrafters got interested.

A German group called Skyblock Squad, led by Marvin Schmidt, spent the last five months recreating Mondstadt in Minecraft at an almost 1:1 scale (thanks, NME). I say almost because, while that was the ambition, the team had to go with a 1:1.15 scale because of the limitations of adding detail and particularly interior detail in Minecraft. That in turn allowed the group to build the city with the most important buildings having Genshin-accurate interiors.

The below timelapse video shows off most of the city, and there's no denying this is a beautiful build.

'Reconstructing a whole City out of another game is quite the challenge since you've got to take measurements and get the right scale so it does look right in Minecraft,' reads Skyblock Squad's description of the build. 'The city is actually slightly bigger than the 1:1 scale since Minecraft got limited ways of getting detail into your Builds. Marvin started planning everything out in early August and we finally finished it, so this is 5 months total.'

This isn't the only Genshin Minecraft build by a long shot: Last month, someone built Albedo's campsite. Doesn't look like anyone's quite managed to build the whole of Tevyat yet (including MiHoYo), but this is one heck of a start. You can grab the build and have a wander over at Planet Minecraft. 

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