Steam: won't too many video games be produced?

Steam: won't too many video games be produced?


Is the video game market in crisis? No, at least not financially but a latest report could cast shadows on Steam. The Valve client has become the only way to publish a title, without necessarily having to resort to deals or contracts with publishers and investors or financiers. However, if on the one hand this system can help many enthusiasts to produce their idea, in reality there is a risk of coming out of it with broken bones.

As demonstrated by the VG Insights report, in fact, 2021 was a year great for Valve's client. In the past 365 days, about 11,773 games have been released, an average of about 30 per month. Looking at the sales, however, we realize that only 8% of the games have sold over 10,000 units on Steam, while 27% fail to go beyond 100. There is an underlying problem also related to the quality of the same, with most of the titles that are actually created by those who treat this industry as a hobby and are often poor, of low quality and with a development lasted a few months. br>
The independent sector is likely to be more affected by this phenomenon. The centralization of a distributor or rather of a platform has led to the release of many indies: in 2021 on Steam the games created by a small team (between 1 and 3 developers) accounted for 98% of the publications. The figures for double A or triple A are significantly lower, as the report estimates that only 200 games are released. Among these we obviously find the releases of major majors such as Bethesda and Microsoft, but also Devolver Digital and other small publishers would be counted in the report.

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Steam broke its own record for online users once again, hitting 29 million

Over the weekend it seems that Steam once again managed to break some records. Where do all these new people keep coming from? Only two weeks or so ago Steam just hit 28 million online, now it's already blasted through 29 million to hit a new high of 29,201,174.

At that time there we 8,505,375 people actually in-game too, which is a nice bump over when the previous record hit so it's clearly not just people idling away.

What was popular this time with players? Mostly the usual suspects, with one newcomer being Yu-Gi-Oh:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • PUBG: Battlegrounds
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel
  • Apex Legends
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • What do we think, an easy 30 million+ online by the end of 2022? Absolutely, considering the way it's been repeatedly smashing through it wouldn't be a surprise to see it hit 35 million by end of year. When you take the Steam Deck into account, there's going to be more people playing on the go too keeping the numbers up perhaps even more.

    It's safe to say that competition elsewhere certainly hasn't eaten much into Steam's user-base.

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