Fire Force: that's when the manga will end

Fire Force: that's when the manga will end

Fire Force

Atsushi Ohkubo (Soul Eater) has revealed, on the occasion of his livestream called Dark Soul, that Fire Force, the current successful manga serialization also published in Italy for Planet Manga, will end in a few chapters and that it only needs two to draw.

We specify that the manga will not end exactly between two chapters. The author certainly has chapters ready yet awaiting publication in the next weekly on Weekly Shonen Magazine, but for his schedule there are only two to be made.

The author also added that the manga it will end approximately between two volumes, therefore the end is expected with the 34th issue (in Japan the 32nd is available from December 2021). Volume 33 will arrive on March 17, 2022, while the 34th and final will be available next Summer.

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The adaptation of the two anime seasons inspired by the manga, we recall, was broadcast with dubbing in Italian on the Mediaset network of Italia 2 (digital terrestrial channel 66) from 8 September 2021 to 15 December 2021. Here to get to all the details.

Fire Force: manga and anime

Atsushi Okubo has been publishing the shonen through the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine (Kodansha) since September 2015 and currently the series is consists of a total of 298 chapters and 32 tankobons. In Italy the series is available thanks to Planet Manga with the first 26 issues (you can try the manga by purchasing the 1st issue at this link on Amazon).

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In Italy the two seasons were broadcast in streaming, in subtitled version, by Yamato Animation, simultaneously with the broadcast in Japan, on its YouTube channel. It was during the celebrations for its 30th anniversary from the foundation that Yamato Animation announced to broadcast, for the first time ever, the Fire Force anime in an Italian dubbed version.

The Italian voice actors they are Andrea Oldani in the role of Shinra Kusakabe, Patrizio Prata gives the voice to Akitaru Obi and Diego Baldo dubbing Takehisa Hinawa. Giulia Maniglio is Iris, Elisa Giorgio is double Maki Oze, Ezio Vivolo is Arthur Boyle, Giada Bonanomi is double Tamaki Kotatsu and Beatrice Caggiula is Princess Hibana.

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Tokyo is on fire, and citizens throughout the city are victims of spontaneous combustion. The Fire Force, the special brigade responsible for quenching the flames, has a new recruit in its ranks, the young Shinra. Inside the 8th Brigade, the boy will make good use of his special powers to prevent the city from being reduced to ashes. But a burning secret and a burning past could set the powders on fire!

Fire Force Cosplay Heats Up with Maki's Fiery Look

One Fire Force fan has really set it all ablaze with an awesome cosplay for Maki Oze! Atsushi Okubo's newest manga series is still releasing new chapters on a weekly basis, but what fans are hoping to get more of is the official anime adaptation. The series wrapped up its second season with David Production last year, but there has yet to be any word on whether or not the series would continue with new episodes. Part of the reason fans want to see more is the extended cast of wacky characters, and one that often leads the pack is Maki Oze. 

Maki is known as the 'Witch Queen' due to the nature of his pyrokinetic power, but also demonstrated a strength that came in handy when she needed to help out her fellow Fire Force members. Maki got some stand out moments in the first two seasons, but a third would be an even better opportunity to highlight further why she's such a fan favorite. Until then, artist @moonchil_77 is providing another great example as to why with one fiery cosplay fit for the fiery fighter Maki on Instagram! Check it out below: 

When the second season came to an end, the final episode teased there would be more someday with a 'To Be Continued.' Unfortunately it now marks a year since the end of the second season, and there has yet to be any news of a potential third season for the anime. But Okubo's still releasing new chapters of the manga, and Kodansha has the license for the manga's series as it fills up store shelves. But if you wanted to check out Fire Force's two seasons so far, you can now find the anime streaming with Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu. 

They describe the series as such, 'Tokyo is burning, and citizens are mysteriously suffering from spontaneous human combustion throughout the city! Responsible for snuffing out this inferno is the Fire Force, and Shinra is ready to join their fight. Now, as part of Company 8, he'll use his devil's footprints to help keep the city from turning to ash! But his past and a burning secret behind the scenes could set everything ablaze.'

What did you think of Fire Force's anime? Would you want to see a third season of the series someday? What are some things you would hope to see in these new episodes? Let us know all of your thoughts on Fire Force and everything anime in the comments! 

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