Dying Light 2: no dubbing in Italian, confirmation from Techland arrives

Dying Light 2: no dubbing in Italian, confirmation from Techland arrives

Dying Light 2

Techland's marketing campaign for Dying Light 2: Stay Human continues. Over the past few weeks, the Polish development team has continued to spread the game's numbers and stats, including longevity and of course the length of the scripts. Today, however, the data regarding the dubbing have been released, which however could disappoint some Italian fans given the recent statements by the development team.

As you could have guessed from the title of the news, in fact, Dying Light 2: Stay Human will be available in our language, but only with subtitles. The Italian dubbing has not in fact been recorded, according to the table released by the development team, which has revealed also in this case the scope of the project through some numbers that do nothing but confirm, once again, the greatness of the new work produced by the Polish development team.

In numerical terms, in fact, Dying Light 2: Stay Human required a great effort also in terms of dubbing. The game will be available in 17 languages ​​and it took 999 actors for all markets to adopt dubbing. Of course, Italy is not among these, while the voiceovers in French, German, Japanese and Portuguese are confirmed. Surely there will be economic reasons behind this choice, perhaps supported by the sales of the first chapter, which instead was completely voiced in our language.

Wondering if you'll be able to play Dying Light 2 Stay Human in your mother tongue? Well, there’s a big chance that yes you will, as the game will be available in 17 languages! Fun fact: we needed 999 actors to deliver all lines of dialogues for all the versions. # DyingLight2 pic.twitter.com/LObCHaiJy1

- Dying Light (@DyingLightGame) January 22, 2022

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Dubbing aside, Dying Light 2: Stay Human is about to reveal itself as probably one of the most important games of this 2022. The title will arrive on February 4, 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The Nintendo Switch version has instead been postponed until a later date. Techland's new game won't be the only one to be released over the next month. In fact, Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West will also debut in February. Have you already decided which title to buy or not?

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'Dying Light 2' will include free PS5 and Xbox Series X/S upgrades

After multiple delays, Dying Light 2 will finally arrive on February 4th. If you haven’t had a chance to purchase a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S yet, developer Techland is making the decision of whether to buy the game now or later easy. In an announcement spotted by Eurogamer, the studio shared this week it will provide free current-gen upgrades to those who buy Dying Light 2 on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

What that means is that you’ll have the chance to play the game with improved graphics at a later date. Like many recent PS5 and Xbox Series X/S releases, Dying Light 2 will ship with multiple rendering modes, thereby allowing you to configure the game to prioritize either graphical fidelity or better performance. 

If you want the best possible graphics, you can choose between separate “Quality” and “Resolution” modes. As you can probably tell from the name, the latter will attempt to render the game at 4K. Less obvious is the Quality mode, which adds raytracing to the experience. And if all you want is a smooth framerate, the included “Performance” mode will render Dying Light 2 at 60 frames per second or greater. You can see the different modes in action in the video above.

The news comes in the same week Techland announced the cloud version of Dying Light 2 for Switch will be delayed by up to half a year. The studio said it made the decision to push back the release to ensure it could provide the best possible experience to Nintendo fans.

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