Dark Souls Nightfall: demo version 1.1 available, how to install and download it

Dark Souls Nightfall: demo version 1.1 available, how to install and download it

Dark Souls Nightfall

Dark Souls Nightfall is now available on PC, as a mod for Dark Souls Remastered. Precisely, the demo is available, which has also been updated to version 1.1. Here are the details about the update, how to download it and how to install it.

First of all, Dark Souls Nightfall demo version 1.1 introduces the following changes compared to version 1.0:

Durability of weapons is now infinite (indicated as 0): for files created in version 1.0, it is possible to repair weapons at the sources (ie the new bonfires) The second boss has been rebalanced and now inflicts less damage; also changed the spawn of some enemies in the bossfight Removed some enemies from the most crowded areas The music volume is now more regular Fixed some visual glitches in the map The spawn point is positioned immediately in front of the Altar, not after the exit towards the Ruins of the Demon Bottomless chest now available at source (the new bonfires)

In order to install version 1.1 of the Dark Souls Nightfall demo you must first delete version 1.0. To do this, you must start the Nightfall exe and select option 2 which restores the original Dark Souls Remastered files, present in the backup folder. If you want to be sure you have the vanilla version of the game, you can use Steam: right click on the game, choose Properties, Local files and finally "Verify integrity of game files ...".

If not have you ever installed Dark Souls Nightfall and version 1.1 of the demo is the first you download, you just have to run the exe, create the backup of Dark Souls Remastered (check that you have not installed other mods, before) and then select the option 1, i.e. the installation. Once this is done, you just have to start the game from Steam. Remember to play offline, to avoid problems.

To download Dark Souls Nightfall demo version 1.1, just follow the link in the tweet below.

Tell us, have you tried Dark Souls Nightfall yet? What do you think?

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‘Dark Souls: Nightfall’ mod shows off footage ahead of upcoming demo

The incredibly ambitious Dark Souls: Nightfall mod has shown off snippets of new footage ahead of the demo dropping next week.

In December of 2021, it was announced that the fan-made sequel mod to Dark Souls would take the original release date of Elden Ring this month, but developer Grimrukh announced on December 31 that the game would need a few months delay. A short video has been released showing off some gameplay ahead of the mod’s demo on January 21.

The demo will feature the first two areas in the Dark Souls: Nightfall mod, alongside more weapons, new mechanics, and bosses. Feedback from the demo will also be integrated into the mod’s full release.

“When we delayed Nightfall’s release date from December 21 to January 21, we thought the extra month would be enough time to finish its development with at least a week’s testing to spare,” said Grimrukh of the delay.

“There’s likely some universe where that was true, but after two weeks of crunching through the first half of December, then coming down with the common cold (yes, it apparently still exists), it became clear to me that any universe in which Nightfall won the race against Elden Ring was also a universe where (a) our team was completely miserable, (b) we cut out a lot of nearly-finished content, (c) the game was a bug-ridden mess, or most likely (d) all of the above.”

Nightfall is being touted as a whole new Dark Souls game that uses the 2011 original as a baseline but adds heaps of new content. It’s also been teased that the mod will take cues from Majora’s Mask – although whether this is in tone, time mechanics, or something else remains to be seen.

The mod will also only work with the remastered version of the original Dark Souls, as the new assets would likely push older versions “over the limit”.

In other news, Awesome Games Done Quick has once again broken its previous record amount raised for charity, as the speedrunning event has once again drawn in massive numbers.

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