VyprVPN - Review

VyprVPN - Review

VyprVPN is certainly not a perfect provider, but it makes up for its shortcomings with applications for a good number of devices, affordable prices and a very user-friendly approach. As we have seen, VPN services are increasingly in demand, both due to the spread of work from home and smart working caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and due to a growing interest in topics such as privacy and anonymous browsing. If you want to learn more, here we explain what a VPN is and how it works.

In summary, we can say that many private users turn to VPN services of various brands to unblock the original contents of channels such as Netflix, Disney +, HBO or Hulu. In addition, more and more people are starting to appreciate its advantages in terms of security, flexibility and optimization of connections. It is no coincidence, for example, that today even antivirus manufacturers have started adding a VPN service to their high-end paid packages and it's safe to bet that the market will soon be more aware of this issue too. .

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Read on to find out what we think about VyprVPN.

VyprVPN plans and prices

Compared to the competition, VyprVPN focuses on simplicity, in fact the company offers only two plans, definitely pushing the accelerator on that of 12 months compared to monthly plan, with a rather noticeable price difference.

12 months | € 7.17, with single billing and possibility of full refund within 30 days 1 month | 13.00 € with one-time billing


VyprVPN takes privacy very seriously and demonstrates this first and foremost through its extremely strict No-Log policy and certified. User data is never stored and therefore cannot be transferred to third parties. This is confirmed by an independent analysis commissioned by the company in 2018, which certifies the total absence of information attributable to users.

Another interesting aspect is the nationality of VyprVPN. The service is owned by Golden Frog Gmbh, a Swiss company that operates outside the European Community and the 14-Eyes area of ​​influence. As a result, it is not subject to the constraints of server traffic surveillance, nor is it forced to accept pre-emptive partnerships with the international authorities of the aforementioned alliance.

VyprVPN's blog is packed with information both on the world of VPNs in general and on the legal situation of user data on the network according to the various nations of the world, both on topics such as privacy and censorship. Additionally, you will find several demonstrations about Golden Frog's policy, which does not save or share browsing data, network activity or DNS lookups.

Golden Frog also requested a third party - Leviathan Security - for a technical audit on VyprVPN's security standards in 2018.

The audit helped Golden Frog to identify and correct all security flaws detected, which in any case were already far fewer than those identified. in other similar reports from competing companies.

On page 4 of the report, you can read: “Golden Frog worked to remedy all the security bugs identified, concurrently with the production of the report. Once the fixes were complete, we ran a retest and verified that all required fixes were really effective. "

Finally, VyprVPN protects you from potential" man-in-the-middle "attacks and from possible IP Leak and, of course, has implemented a killswitch, which automatically disconnects the devices in the event that VyprVPN is deactivated for reasons other than direct customer intervention. There is also protection from malware and potentially harmful sites.

The service offers customers five different data encryption protocols: Chamaleon, a proprietary protocol useful for circumventing censorship in particular areas of the world (Iran, China, Russia, Turkey etc.) OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP and IKEV2. On the site you will find instructions to implement them on every possible device (including routers, if compatible). There is no automatic configuration, which could also be a disadvantage for less experienced users. On the other hand, however, it is possible to configure third-party DNS, if you do not want to use those made available by the company.


VyprVPN is certainly not among the best performing companies on the market. We carried out several tests, with speeds ranging between 64-68 Mbps with servers located in and around Europe. Unfortunately, however, moving away to the US servers, we dropped to 35-50 Mbps. The tests were conducted in periods of large user spikes caused by lockdowns, but other companies have responded much better. In any case, these are more than enough speeds to consume content and surf the web.

VyprVPN unblocks several geolocated services, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video, no problem even with YouTube USA .

Although the site does not explicitly mention support for torrents and other file sharing services, precisely because of Golden Frog's policies, traffic from these sources is neither monitored nor blocked. Consequently, since it is not possible to trace the users responsible for the download, it will be possible to use the P2P services without any particular restrictions. We would like to remind you, however, that unauthorized downloading of copyrighted content is illegal.

The service offers as many as 30 simultaneous connections, although it may be necessary to configure the router properly.

App and Installation

VyprVPN offers numerous apps for various platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, but also software for routers, TVs, Chrome and so on.

In some cases all of this that it is required to download and install an application, in some other cases it is also necessary to adjust some settings, however detailed instructions are available for any supported device and, to find them, just do a quick search on the site's knowledge base.

The provider provides over 700 servers in more than 70 countries, with over 300,000 IP addresses available.


Making the relationship between what it costs and what offers, VyprVPN is a service to be promoted with flying colors and without any reservations, especially if we consider the measures taken for privacy.

The only drawback is the lack of a "free" version (albeit with traffic limits), even if the 12-month plan offers the possibility of requesting a full refund within 30 days.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it is a service to be configured and therefore requires a minimum of intervention on the connected domestic equipment. Nothing dramatic, however, also because on the company's website you can find very detailed instructions for any need, and customer support is well structured and effective.

In conclusion ,. VyprVPN could also be an excellent entry point for many to discover, in complete safety and at a very low cost, the world of VPNs or Virtual Private Networks.

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