Ubisoft fa mea culpa, "we were wrong"

Ubisoft fa mea culpa, we were wrong

Ubisoft fa mea culpa

Over the past few years, thanks also to the Me Too movement, more and more abused people are starting to report. Between Activision and PlayStation, another great video game house is Ubisoft, which found itself embroiled in a scandal last year, where a group of developers and developers denounced all the harassment and bad relationships that occurred at work and beyond. interior of the studios of the French Canadian publisher and developer. Now, just over a year after that report, Ubisoft has admitted its faults.

“At the start of this crisis, we spent a lot of time making sure we had the right tools in hand to investigate and find the culprits. But I don't think we've ever communicated our commitment enough to the people involved, ”said Anika Grant, Chief People Office of the publisher and developer. It would be wrong to say that Ubisoft did nothing, but the efforts were practically useless, at least according to Grant herself and obviously the ABetterUbisoft committee, set up to report harassment and predatory behavior. Unfortunately, the trust of the developers and of any worker in the offices has been lost, at least according to the words of Grant, who takes personal responsibility for what happened.

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"I recognize the work of Yves Guillemot as good," said Grant, referring to the system of anonymous reports put in feet from the CEO of Ubisoft. Despite this, however, she also admitted that the moves to ensure a safe work environment are definitely overdue. “It's a long journey and I know we're not where we want to be. But I think we're experiencing improvement day by day, ”Grant concluded.

This is not a good time for the video game industry. Reports of harassment in larger or smaller companies in this sector are multiplying month after month. The hope is that one day those responsible will be put in conditions not to harm, but beyond the internal complaints, it is to be hoped that the companies will listen and not cover those responsible, as happened for example in the Activision case with the recent revelations. on Kotick and his strategy of silence.

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