TIM, billionaire loan to FiberCop to encourage the development of fiber

TIM, billionaire loan to FiberCop to encourage the development of fiber


FiberCop, a TIM Group company, has just signed a loan agreement for an amount of € 1.5 billion with a pool of international banks. The transaction allows FiberCop to further strengthen its financial structure; in particular, the proceeds will be used in part to repay the existing intra-group loan, and will also impact on the strategy for creating the future network for Italy's digital development.

The debt refinancing plan it will expire next year. This operation - the first for FiberCop - confirms the solidity of the business model adopted: the loan was granted by a large consortium of international banks and the amount will be used in full upon signature. The “corporate term loan” line of credit has a maturity of 5 years.

Fiber optic connection cabinet - https://www.pexels.com/photo/connected-fc-cables-in-modern-data -center-4425157 / FiberCop is an infrastructure company controlled by TIM at 58%, by KKR Infrastructur at 37.5% and by Fastweb for the remainder (4.5%). The shared goal of TIM and FiberCop is to increasingly encourage the digitization of the country through the widespread diffusion of optical fiber (in particular Fiber-to-the-home / FTTH).

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