Stuck: preview review of the new Netflix TV series with Ficarra and Picone

Stuck: preview review of the new Netflix TV series with Ficarra and Picone


Are you passionate about crime and investigations but, at the same time, are you looking for a light and tasty product to watch on TV to detach yourself from the hectic life? Perfect, we have some good news for you! From 1 January 2022, in fact, on Netflix you will be able to find Incastrati, the new TV series starring Ficarra and Picone, a comic duo that certainly doesn't need too many presentations.

Incastrati Incastrati is the first all-Italian TV series produced at home Netflix: a comedy that mixes laughter with crime: 6 episodes lasting about 30 minutes each that will drag you into a series of misunderstandings that will frame the protagonists of the events and we of the Pop Culture editorial team had the Pleasure to review this new TV series for you and now we will talk about it.

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Stuck: a tv series within a tv series

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Incastrati Valentino is an introverted character who lives at home with his mother, almost as if he were suffering from a mild Oedipus complex, secretly (but not too much) in love with a former high school classmate, Agata ( Marianna Di Martino), now part of the police force; Salvo, on the other hand, is a somewhat couch potato character: married to Valentino's sister, Ester (Anna Favella) to whom, however, he does not dedicate the right time and the right attention that a husband should reserve for his wife: passionate, almost from becoming obsessed with action-crime TV series, he dreams of a more eventful life, full of action and adventure, which obviously he cannot have.

The two technicians will find themselves having to carry out a repair in the apartment of a customer who, however, has connections with the mafia: at this point the two protagonists of Incastrati will find themselves victims of a series of misunderstandings that will frame them and lead them straight into the lair of one of the bosses of the mafia association and, as if if that's not enough, they will worsen their situation more and more, until they risk their own lives and that of their loved ones.

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A detective story from the 2000s

Incastrati is a series that at first glance is presents as a 2000s-style police TV series: the chases, the alternation of action elements with elements of everyday life with the addition, however, of modern elements, such as the TV series on the streaming platforms of which Salvo is very obsessed, smartphones and video calls, elements that, for obvious reasons, could not be present in the aforementioned TV series of the early years of this millennium.

Stuck if (jQuery ("# ​​crm_srl-th_culturapop_d_mh4_1"). is ( ": visible")) {console.log ("Edinet ADV adding zone: tag crm_srl-th_culturapop_d_mh4_1 slot id: th_culturapop_d_mh4"); } As far as the technical aspects are concerned, we absolutely cannot complain: photography, setting, direction and writing blend perfectly, making Incastrati a TV series with light tones, enjoyable and also relatively intriguing and fun. It has a duration of 6 episodes of about half an hour each but, despite this characteristic, the rhythm of the series cannot be too pressing, slowing down the progress of events a little and not giving the viewer a way to "connect the dots" , as if the pieces of the "puzzle" provided are not sufficient for the reconstruction of the facts.

Incastrati is a TV series with a self-deprecating gaze: the choice of the crime genre is considered by Ficarra and Picone themselves, directors, screenwriters and protagonists of the series, as a vehicle that leads to the unfolding of events and, obviously, he did not want to refer to any stereotyped correlation between Sicily and the theme of life as a mafia gangster; if anything, the easiest correlations to identify are those with other, deeper themes, which we see in the next paragraph.

Dario Palermo / Netflix

Stuck: the in-depth themes

As mentioned above, the issues on which Incastrati leverages go far beyond the stereotypes that connect the mafia reality to the region in which the events of the series take place: although they can be represented in a frivolous and amusing way, also thanks to the comic gags of the duo, the themes are deeper than they may seem. The issue of betrayal is analyzed, for example: the lack of attention towards one's life partner which can often lead to betrayal or total detachment.

Dario Palermo / Netflix Another issue that arises, however, only touched on is the one that makes self-irony on the fact that in the past it was not politics that solved certain problems but the mafia organizations themselves, which had the complete support of citizens in the event that they themselves had problems considered solvable from an economic point of view and social. A critical look at the fear that organizations like this instilled in citizens so that they would turn to criminals to solve important or even minor issues.

Incastrati Finally, much importance is given to the role of women, as happens in many products of which Ficarra and Picone are the architects: as you can see, in Incastrati the woman is shown as a strong, independent and almost "satellite" element, in fact the events of the series revolve around the two main female figures, despite the attention seems to be directed towards the irony and ambiguity of the situations narrated. Obviously, for those viewers already accustomed to the products (films and sketches) of Ficarra and Picone, this characteristic is not entirely new, in fact in almost all of their works, the female figure is always relevant and this characteristic is in total contrast with the ideal of the southern woman

In short, Incastrati, for being the first TV series by Ficarra and Picone, can be considered a good product which, in addition to entertaining the viewer, also opens up quite complex and faced discourses with the right dose of lightness, as it does not want to be the classic complaint against the underworld but a "mockery", if anything. The same Ficarra and Picone, during the conference dedicated to the series in which we participated, considered themselves happy to have tested themselves with this project with Netflix because it was a great challenge for them too, especially because it is the first time in which they try their hand at a project with a longer duration than a film.

Stuck But on the other hand, they themselves have said that working on a series is very different from what it is to make films, although the degree of comedy has remained the same as ever. The same goes for the filming: Stuck facing that difficult period with greater force, distracting them at the same time from what was instead blocking numerous productions.


Having said that, we at editorial staff we found Incastrati very nice and particular as a product, a tv series in which one of the protagonists is obsessed with tv series: it seems an infinite loop but watching the series you will understand what we are referring to. We, in order not to spoil you, we stop here with the details, we leave the rest to you.

Meanwhile, we remind you that you can find Stuck on Netflix starting from January 1, 2022 and that if you are not yet subscribe to the most famous streaming service in the world, you can do it on this page.

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