Pokémon GO: new Pokémon with hats and much more with the New Year's event

Pokémon GO: new Pokémon with hats and much more with the New Year's event

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO continues to expand its content: after the announcement of the new Pokémon on the first Community Day of 2022, now is the time to celebrate an important holiday: New Year's Eve. For such a special event, in fact, an event has been announced that will start on December 31st at 10pm, and will last until January 4th 2022 at 8pm, and will bring with it a lot of news: let's see what it is.

First, there are 15 new Pokémon with hats and accessories for this event, and they can be obtained in different ways. With enough luck, moreover, it will also be possible to find them shiny, including Hoothoot, which had never been available in its chromatic form before the upcoming New Year's Eve this year. You can find these special monsters, along with others that would normally be extremely rare, in nature or during field research, but also in raids (1 star, 3 stars, 5 stars and Megaraid) or in the Eggs that you will get for the duration of the event.

The news doesn't stop there: from 11pm on December 31st until midnight on January 2nd next year, it will be possible to see fireworks inside the game. In addition, several bonuses will also be available, including double Stardust and Candy after an Egg hatches, and halving the time it takes to make one open.

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Finally, the Pokémon GO store has also been updated: in fact, it is now possible to buy various themed items inside. Among them are the 2022 Glasses, the New Year's Headband, the New Year's Jacket Set, the New Year's Pants and the New Year's Shoes. In addition, New Year's Stickers will be available, which you can also find from the friendship packs; Our guide to upgrading PokéStops will certainly be useful to you, since stickers can also be obtained from them.

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