PlayStation Now could arrive on iOS and Android: a missed opportunity?

PlayStation Now could arrive on iOS and Android: a missed opportunity?

PlayStation Now could arrive on iOS and Android

According to what was reported by some documents presented during the Apple vs Epic Games trial, Sony had thought of bringing the PlayStation Now to Android and iOS. An insider who had access to them and revealed them exclusively to The Verge to reveal the contents of the documents.

Let's go in order: the documents were presented to the trial by Apple and show how Sony was in 2017 thinking of bringing PlayStation Now to iOS and Android devices. The project should have seen the light probably during the following year, but the project was cut shortly before the official announcement, in favor of PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, thus leaving the Cupertino house discovered by the service that allows playback in streaming of a selection of games.

Apple documents prove that a company insider had acquired the information. At the time there was talk of a mobile extension of the project, intended for PlayStation users, to be able to stream a library of over 450 PS3 games. The PS4 titles, on the other hand, would only arrive later, demonstrating how the strategy was not yet well defined. Curiosity: the arrival of PlayStation Now on iOS would have anticipated Apple Arcade by a few months, the subscription service to play a selection of mobile titles (and not only) on the devices of the Cupertino company.

A On balance, with the expansion of Xbox to the cloud, we can almost believe that PlayStation Now on mobile has been a missed opportunity. Sony could have expanded and greatly anticipated the moves of the two US tech giants, managing to anticipate above all the Redmond house, which only for a year now has managed to launch the cloud gaming service also on iOS devices and Android. Who knows that in the future, perhaps under the guidance of Jim Ryan, we will not be able to think of any news on the matter.

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Apple Document Suggests Sony Considered Bringing PS Now Gaming Service to Mobile Devices

Back in 2017, Sony was planning to launch the PlayStation Now cloud gaming service on mobile phones, according to a leaked document sourced from the Epic v. Apple trial by The Verge.

playstation nowAn Apple document referenced an unannounced 'mobile extension of an existing streaming service for PlayStation users, streaming access to over 450+ PS3 games to start, with PS4 games to follow.'

No such mobile device expansion ever materialized. PS Now is still available, offering PS4, PS3, and PS2 games that can be played on PS5, PS4, or Windows PCs, but there has never been a version for iOS or Android, nor has PlayStation made it available for the Mac.

Apple may have been discussing PS Now because at the time, it had started work on the Apple Arcade gaming service that ultimately launched in 2019.

Sony was early to cloud gaming with PS Now. It launched in 2014, years before its competitors were working on cloud gaming offerings. GEForce NOW followed in 2015 in a beta capacity, but Google Stadia didn't launch until 2019 and Xbox Cloud Gaming didn't come out until 2020.

It's not clear why Sony never followed through with a mobile version of PS Now, as the software would have launched before Apple introduced strict cloud gaming rules in the App Store with the debut of Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming. The Verge speculates that Sony decided it wasn't worth taking on Apple at the time, or that Sony may have decided to focus on console sales instead.

Sony does have Remote Play for accessing Sony games on various devices, but Remote Play requires a PlayStation console, while PS Now does not. Rumors suggest that Sony could in the future unveil an updated cloud gaming service to rival Xbox Game Pass, but it is unclear if the new service will come to mobile devices. If so, Sony will likely need to take the path that Microsoft and Google took, offering a web-based solution on iPhones and iPads.

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