Mix Meisei Story will be dubbed in Italian by Yamato Video

Mix Meisei Story will be dubbed in Italian by Yamato Video

Yamato Video has announced on its Facebook page the Italian dubbing of the anime adaptation of Mix Meisei Story (find it on Amazon), the manga followed by Touch, written and drawn by Mitsuru Adachi, published in Japan on Shogakukan's Monthly Shōnen Sunday magazine from 12 May 2012 and in Italy published by Star Comics from February 13, 2014.

Mix Meisei Story: the Italian dubbing

Mix Meisei Story was produced by OLM and aired in Japan on NTV and ytv from April to September 2019 while in Italy it was broadcast, in subtitled version, thanks to Yamato Animation on Man-Ga.

This is the cast of the Italian dubbing: Ezio Vivolo is Tachibana Touma, Riccardo Suarez is Tachibana Souichirou, Agnese Marteddu plays Tachibana Ootomi, Rossa Caputo voices Ooyama Haruka, Tiziana Martello is the narrator, Lorenzo Crisci is Natsuno Ichiban, Leonardo Graziano as Imagawa Tadashi, Massimo Triggiani and Nikaidou Daisuke , Luigi Ferraro double Tachibana Eisuke, Daniele Raffaeli is Koma Kousaku and Ilaria Latini is Tachibana Mayumi.

This is the plot:

More than thirty years after the animated series Touch, taken from the undisputed masterpiece of the master Adachi Mitsuru and also known in Italy with the title "Take the world and go", the baseball club of the Meisei Institute is ready to take the field again. Thirty years are also the time that has elapsed since the events of the twins Uesugi and Asakura Minami. Since then, the Meisei baseball club has never managed to repeat the feat that brought it to the top of Koushien, and indeed finds itself repeatedly eliminated during the qualifying rounds. But two other highly talented brothers are preparing to shake the club from the torpor into which it has plunged. They are Tachibana Souichirou and Tachibana Touma, respectively catcher and pitcher. Although the two were born on the same day, they are not twins. For the moment they are attending the middle school of the institute together with their younger sister, Tachibana Otomi, a pretty girl who is very popular in Meisei.

Talent is not enough to move up the ladder of the baseball club. The title of ace is firmly held by Nikaidou Daisuke, a mediocre pitcher with the support of his father, president of the former club members and the main financier of the team. With the support of the coach, once a classmate of Daisuke's father, Nikaidou lays down the law on every aspect of the club, and is determined to do so even once he graduates from high school.

Will the Tachibana brothers be able to reach the goal already crossed by their predecessors? To find out, tune in to Man-Ga and take the field with Mix!

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