Microsoft and iFixit together for an official Surface repair kit

Microsoft and iFixit together for an official Surface repair kit

Yesterday iFixit announced a new partnership with Microsoft, the two companies will collaborate to create repair kits designed specifically for the devices of the Microsoft Saurface line. Specifically, the kit will include tools dedicated to removing, without damaging it, the display from its frame, a battery extractor and a tool to reinstall the display in the frame when the work is finished.

The Sirface Pro 7, one of the most hostile devices to repair seconds iFixit The devices for which these tools are designed are those of the Surface line, such as the Surface Pro 7+ to which iFixit has assigned a minimum repairability score. This difficulty is undoubtedly one of the reasons behind the decision to limit the sale of this kit to selected customers only.

For now the set will be destined for iFixit certified independent repairers, Microsoft Authorized Service Providers, Microsoft Experience Centers and Microsoft Commercial customers. Regarding this choice, iFixit states "these tools are not necessary for DIY home repairs, but are intended to prevent accidental damage during assembly and disassembly of parts and will help professionals who perform a large number of repairs improve accuracy and care. of assemblies ".

According to The Verge, it was Microsoft that sought to collaborate with iFixit, which has always fought for the right to repair devices, following the fierce criticism of the almost non-existent repairability of the devices by Microsoft.

The availability of these tools, even if limited to professionals only, could be the first step towards a turning point towards simpler and cheaper devices, which would become repairable even without going through expensive official assistance.

Motorola has made a kit for its smartphones made Microsoft is only the latest company to ask iFixit for a partnership: in the past HTC had already collaborated with iFixit to create a set of equipment dedicated to the VR Vive viewer, while Motorola had made a kit dedicated to replacing the battery and displays of some smartphones.

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