Kingdom Come: Deliverance voted best Czech game of the decade

Kingdom Come: Deliverance voted best Czech game of the decade

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come: Deliverance won another accolade: it was voted the best Czech game of the decade at the latest Czech Game Awards. The popular vote left no doubts about the love that players feel for the game developed by their compatriots.

The developer Warhorse Studios and the publisher Prime Matter, who have released the news, are naturally pleased with this umpteenth recognition, for what is one of the most significant titles of the previous generation.

"The User Choice award is another milestone and outstanding achievement for the Prague-based studio and its debut title it won over fierce competition. The acclaimed medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance was released in 2018 and has managed to sell over 4 million copies worldwide on all platforms to date, "reads the official release.

The Nintendo Switch port, developed in collaboration with the Saber Interactive specialists, a specific version for Steam Deck and an unreleased project not yet announced (the sequel?). In short, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is alive and well and continues to grind big numbers.

To celebrate the award, Warhorse Studios, in collaboration with GameDev Area, and Brno Philharmonic Orchestra invite everyone to participate in the "Kingdom Come: Deliverance Live Concert "on February 5th in Prague, CZ. Directed by Jan Valta, the composer of Warhorse Studios, he will play a selection of the most famous OSTs with a screening of game scenes. More information and tickets are available at>

The concert will be held in strict accordance with current government advice and guidelines Czech and local, to ensure a responsible and safe experience.

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