Halo Infinite becomes a work of art thanks to the painting by Iva Troj

Halo Infinite becomes a work of art thanks to the painting by Iva Troj

Today is Halo Infinite day. The new Master Chief adventure will be unlocked at 7pm on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC and will mark the return of the franchise six years after the last chapter. To celebrate the arrival of the game, Microsoft commissioned the artist Iva Troj to paint a painting measuring 6 meters by 3 meters, which does justice not only to the last chapter but to the entire series, which turns twenty years old in 2021. br>
An immense work, that of Troj, which shows the Master Chief engaged in a battle of epic dimensions. The painting is real, it exists, and is painted in acrylic, also combining some digital elements. And lucky art aficionados and gamers alike have the chance to see it live, as the work celebrating the release of Halo Infinite will remain on display until December 15, 2021 at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

“I was challenged to create a work in my own style that was traceable to Halo,” explained Troj. "I spent a lot of time immersing myself in the universe of the game to create this work and I hope that fans and players around the world will enjoy the final result, including those little easter eggs that you may not notice right away." Troj obviously did not work alone, but she made use of the collaboration of 343 Industries. For the presentation of the picture, Microsoft opted for a video, launched on its social channels during the Italian night, where a choir sings one of the songs from the Halo Infinite soundtrack, while the camera first frames the details and then the real picture. is exactly .

The complete work then became a wallpaper, which can be downloaded from here. In addition, only for the United Kingdom, Germany and France, Microsoft has made available a total of 200 prints from the painting, which can be won simply by logging in on a dedicated page. Unfortunately Italy (and other European countries) are excluded from this special competition.

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