Epic Games disguises itself as Santa Claus: how many free games are coming!

Epic Games disguises itself as Santa Claus: how many free games are coming!

Epic Games disguises itself as Santa Claus

Just like last year, Epic Games is ready to put on the Santa Claus costume. As reported on the Internet and more precisely by Dealbas.com, a reference point for leaks regarding free games, the publisher is ready to launch a new promotion for the Christmas period, which will give all subscribers as many as 14 titles to zero cost.

According to what reported by Dealabs, the promotion of Epic Games will start on December 16th and will end at the end of the year, more precisely on December 30th. Last year the shop of Tim Sweeney and associates had opted for such a maneuver, with several mysterious games revealed at 16:59. The first title released for free? Shemue III, which will be unlocked on the 16th of this month. The other games, however, are shrouded in mystery.

Now, while such a promotion will certainly be very tempting, we must always remember that we are talking about Epic Games. So it is very likely that beyond a triple A game, the rest of the titles on offer will fall into the indie games catalog. No latest new releases, therefore, nor games of the caliber of the Assassin's Creed series. Despite this, this promotion will be very useful to recover smaller titles, but still highly appreciated by audiences and critics. If, on the other hand, you already want to redeem some free games, we would like to point out the Ubisoft promotion, which allows you to redeem a decidedly fantastic management software at no cost: find all the necessary details at this address.

With the beginning of this promotion, Epic Games will also kick off the winter sales, offering increasingly varied discounts on games. The return of the 10 Euro voucher cannot be excluded, which can be obtained simply by redeeming one of the 14 games that will be given away on the store. A big Christmas for PC gamers promises, don't you think?

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