Encanto Disney: Get to know the Madrigal family better

Encanto Disney: Get to know the Madrigal family better

Encanto Disney

Encanto, the 60th Disney Classic, premiered in theaters on November 24, 2021 and will arrive on Disney + on December 24, exclusively streaming for all subscribers and at no additional cost. While waiting to be able to see the film again (or see it for the first time) we decided to celebrate the arrival of the film in streaming with a series of curiosities and thematic insights on the film and its characters.

Jared's film Bush, Byron Howard, Charise Castro Smith and Lin-Manuel Miranda tell of Mirabel Madrigal and her magical family: for the first time in the history of Disney animation, a story is staged that has as its protagonist a very large extended family, who lives in a large enchanted house.

Subscribe now to Disney + for € 8.99 per month or € 89.90 per year In the last of our in-depth articles dedicated to this animated film we want to tell you more about the family Madrigal, writing about their powers and role within the family. We recovered most of this information from the official dossiers of the film and in part also from the book The Art of Encanto, a volume that collects illustrations, character design and concept art of the film, available for purchase online.

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Spoiler alert: before continue reading, know that in this study there will be direct references to the plot of the film, so if you have not yet seen the film we advise you not to continue reading any further.

Abuela Alma

Abuela Alma is a determined woman who lives with great dedication her role as matriarch of the family and leader of the community. Her faith and her unshakable hope were the elements that allowed her to find that safe and secure place that is Encanto. The gift of a new home in which to raise her three children and establish a thriving village was not the only miracle to be granted to her, in fact her family was blessed with extraordinary abilities.

The awareness of having received a real blessing makes Alma even more resolute in wanting to protect her family and people, as can be seen from the verse that introduces her in the opening number of the film:

We have care about our people

Here everything prospers continuously

The gift given is deserved

Commitment and dedication have safeguarded it

It will have the protection of each new arrived

The severity and his demanding temperament are also reflected in his appearance: Alma is a traditionalist character, who dresses in an austere way and always measured in words and movements.

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Julieta and Agustín Ma drigal

Woah, there is my mom Julieta, and only her

Woah, heals with food, my dear

Woah, just one taste and everything is okay

Julieta is the eldest of Alma's triplets and is the most loving and caring member of the family, whose main inspiration comes directly from the personal experiences of Bush and Castro Smith and their respective mothers.

Il Julieta's special talent is that of healing through food and this is represented by an embroidery of a mortar and pestle featured on her apron. Throughout the film Julieta uses her power multiple times: to help sick villagers, cure her husband Agustín's bee stings and Mirabel's severed hand. Julieta is married to Agustín, a distinguished and extravagant gentleman, a little bungler but always animated by good intentions, with whom she had three daughters: Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel. Agustín loves to dress in a formal and elegant way, always wearing a three-piece suit, but which conceals three details inspired by his daughters: a flower representing Isabela and two socks, each with a different print inspired by the costumes of Mirabel and Luisa.

The branch of the Julieta and Agustín family is chromatically characterized by cold shades, and they sport costumes in different tones of blue, green and purple in contrast with the colors of the branch of Pepa and Felix.

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Pepa and Felix Madrigal

Mia tía Pepa, she influences the weather

When it's unhappy the good weather is utopia

Pepa Madrigal is Alma's second child and has the gift of influencing the weather according to her mood. Pepa's special ability is represented in her outfit by the earrings and neckline of the sun-shaped dress and the raindrop motif in her dress.

Pepa represents the family archetype of the somewhat exuberant relative and emotional that everyone loves. In contrast, Felix, Pepa's husband, is an extremely joyful and down-to-earth character, able to contain the changing emotions of his partner. This distinctive feature is identified by the geometric pattern on her yellow shirt. Pepa, Felix and their children chromatically present warm shades (yellow, red, orange and brown), this not only differentiates them from the branch of the Julieta and Agustín family, but above all underlines the carefree and sunny nature of this family nucleus.

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Bruno Madrigal

Bruno is not named

Around the third of Alma's twins hovers a thick blanket of mystery. Bruno is that relative nobody ever wants to talk about, due to unpleasant events in the past.

Bruno's gift of reading into the future was what led him to distance himself from his family and community , since often Bruno's visions did not always reflect people's expectations.

In visually representing this character and his gift we find the motif of the hourglass, present both on his poncho and inside his tower; chromatically instead, Bruno prefers different shades of green, in order to reflect the ambiguity and air of mystery around the character and, subsequently, to position himself halfway between the colors of Pepa and those of Julieta.

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Isabela Madrigal

I rehearse every pose

What's inside is a lot of trouble

What if I follow my heart and don't fear any mistakes?

Julieta and Agustín's eldest daughter is practically perfect and is able to make beautiful flowers bloom and grow luxuriant plants, a detail present in abundance on the flounces of her dress. Isabela is the favorite daughter, the one who never fails, however adhering to this archetype requires a total self-denial that leads Isabela to put the expectations of the family above her wishes.

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Luisa Madrigal

Give me all sorts of weights

I have broad shoulders, so what does it matter?

Maybe I fold, but I never break

How do you know

The median daughter of Julieta and Agustín is a diligent person and always ready to take on any task not it might other than have the gift of super strength. This talent can be easily guessed from her physical appearance, markedly muscular, but also from the decoration that reproduces a series of rockers, present on her skirt. Luisa is the one everyone turns to for hard work, taking her availability for granted.

Luisa represents the archetype of the "family rock", a role that is usually reserved for older children, but which in this family he could not be acquitted by Isabela as a representation of the perfect daughter. This detail, which might appear small, also reveals a subtext linked to the conservative positions of abuela Alma, who had poured out expectations of excellence in her eldest granddaughter, charged with carrying on the family's lineage by giving birth to new heirs.

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Mirabel Madrigal

This is my family, I know it

While it shines, I admire it from qua

Mirabel is the only member of her large family not to have been blessed with magical power when she was a child and this, over the years, has led her to develop a sense of inadequacy. Mirabel is constantly seeking recognition from other Madrigals, not only through her words and her gestures, but also through her clothing. The intricate embroideries present on this character's clothes are not mere decorative motifs (there are direct references to each of the family members), but conceal a meaning and a desire for belonging and importance that she feels denied.

Mirabel however, more than anything else, he desires to win the favor of his grandmother, who sees in her nothing but disappointment. This opposition is a theme that accompanies the whole story, but it is also visually rendered by how Mirabel and Alma position themselves in the space: their rooms are located opposite and at the table Mirabel always sits far from her grandmother.

What no one realizes (Mirabel included) is that the protagonist of Encanto is endowed with abilities such as understanding and empathy that are less spectacular and flashy than those of her relatives, yet it will be her special gifts that will save her. her family and her home.

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Dolores Madrigal

A long time ago I started getting upset

Her muttering made me worry

It has the same sound of sand going away

Dolores' gift is that of super hearing, this leads her to know the most secrets great, the most interesting dramas and the juiciest revelations in the village even unwittingly!

Dolor es is based on that typical member of each family who discovers every news before anyone else; despite her gift, Dolores is a very reserved character, very far from the archetype of the family gossip. Dolores' gift is visually displayed on her clothes, which feature a graphic representation of the sound waves.

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Camilo Madrigal

The first is Camilo, he lives to make you smile

Camilo is a born entertainer who is able to change his appearance at will, whose character is inspired by the funny and playful relative. Mirabel's cousin not only uses his talent to give moments of good humor to friends and relatives, but also and above all to help others: in fact, in different moments of the film we see him take on the appearance of other people, such as those of a exhausted new mother or a tall gentleman and assist them in different ways.

The symbol that represents him is the chameleon, an animal universally associated with the ability to change one's appearance, which is depicted on his poncho.

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Antonio Madrigal

Antonio is a very shy child, who has received the gift of being able to communicate with animals, with which he constantly accompanies him and who assist him at any time of the day. His connection with animals is also evident from the embroidery on his waistcoat, which features a decoration with different animals.

Up until the moment of the gift ceremony, Antonio shared a room with Mirabel and for this reason the child is particularly attached to his cousin, to the point of asking her to accompany and support him during the passage ceremony.

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It has been our home for generations

There is music, rhythm and personality everywhere

Casa Madrigal, was created by the miracle that created Encanto and the magical family. Casita is a large magical house that welcomed Alma and her three children and subsequently the following generations of the family, expanding to accommodate the new members. Casita has a lively and caring personality that she puts at the service of the family by assisting them in all the daily chores and just like a real family member, she shows emotions, reacts to the behavior of the Madrigals and behaves accordingly.

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