Apple will produce iPhones in India from February

Apple will produce iPhones in India from February

Apple has just started trial production of the "base" iPhone 13 at its Chennai plant in India. This is what is learned from some Indian media reports, according to which part of the production of the iPhone 13 has already been allocated to Hon Hai Group, which is the owner of the aforementioned plant.

For next February, it is expected that Apple will officially begin producing iPhone 13s for export to the domestic (Indian) and external markets in the Indian city of Chennai. As for the supply of semiconductors, essential components in the production of smartphones, the outlook is optimistic: Apple, at least, has plans to expand the production area of ​​its iPhones, and this move bodes well for a recovery. >
The expansion of production will also help Apple improve its iPhone offer on the global market, with 20-30% of the units being exported.

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Expanding the comparison to other models, iPhone 13 is not the most popular iPhone by far (anyway not from Indian users). iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, in fact, seem to be the favorite iPhones in those parts, especially since the technical differences with the next one are minimal, while the cost is much higher.

The iPhone 13 series was launched in India in September of this year. The two "older" models are also produced by Hon Hai, while the second generation iPhone SE is produced by the Wistron factory in Bengaluru.

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