Which Dyson vacuum cleaner to buy?

Which Dyson vacuum cleaner to buy?

Cordless electric brooms, also known as cordless vacuum cleaners, have dominated the domestic cleaning market for several years now, and although there are many brands that create excellent solutions, almost always the eye tends to fall on the Dyson-branded models. The reasons that lead many people to choose a Dyson electric broom rather than another are not accidental, given that the well-known appliance company was the one that was best able to revolutionize the vacuum cleaner market and, in part, still manages to do so today. when it presents a new model.

Read also: Robot vacuum cleaner | The best of 2021 Over the years, Dyson has presented several electric brooms and, as you know, the company currently offers several product lines, which could create confusion for less attentive buyers, who may prefer a Dyson solution but do not know which one. model take into account. Well, this article has the task of clarifying your ideas, showing you not only what Dyson models are currently in production, but also listing their features, then accompanied by our suggestions that will be useful for you at the time of purchase.

As you know, in fact, although all Dyson electric brooms have cutting-edge technologies, each one adapts to a specific cleaning method, which is often distinguished by the presence or absence of accessories, including dedicated brushes to remove animal hair, extensions, jointed inserts and more.

Dyson Electric Brooms

Dyson Omni Glide Dyson Micro Dyson Outsize Dyson V8 Dyson Cyclone V10 Dyson V11 Dyson V15 Detect

Dyson Omni Glide

Often, the name of a product tends to make you understand what its main feature is and this is the case of Dyson Omni Glide, which boasts an omnidirectional brush, that is, it moves in every direction, allowing you to vacuum quickly and easily even in those places full of obstacles, for example in tight corners or around fixed objects. In addition, the brush has 2 motorized rollers, which will allow you to collect the dirt by moving the broom both forwards and backwards. The flexible tube will then allow you to fold the broom parallel to the floor, allowing you to clean under the furniture with extreme ease. As if that weren't enough, you can turn it into a portable device, allowing you to clean your car or furniture as well.

Dyson Micro

As we have seen with the previous model, again the name of the product gives an idea of ​​what to expect. The Dyson Micro, in fact, is the smallest and most compact electric broom of the brand, weighing only 1.5kg. Contrary to what one might believe, however, the suction power is not compromised, which instead happens for autonomy, since this specific model ensures continuous cleaning for no more than 20 minutes, which are still more than enough to clean. a good number of rooms. Although it is already compact, even in this case it can be transformed into a portable device and comes equipped with various accessories that will allow you to fully exploit its potential.

Dyson Outsize

In this case we are basically dealing with a Dyson V11 but with a much larger brush, and that's why it takes the name of Outsize. In addition to the brush, the container is also larger than the standard model and, as you can imagine, this will allow you to collect a lot of dust before the need to empty it takes place. To this we must then mention all the advantages of the Dyson V11, starting with the powerful proprietary engine that reaches 125,000 rpm up to autonomy, which guarantees 120 minutes of continuous cleaning. Finally, how not to report the presence of the laser integrated in the brush, a feature found in the recent Dyson V15 Detect, which will allow you to detect the thinnest and most invisible dust for the human eye and capture it in a matter of seconds. >

Dyson V8

From here on we will tell you what are the most powerful Dyson electric brooms and, probably, those that have received the most success. The first of these is the Dyson V8, currently the least powerful model among the top of the range, but still capable of guaranteeing optimal cleaning on any type of surface. The motor and its batteries, in fact, generate a power of 115 Air Watt, which translates into a speed of 110,000 rpm, a speed that will allow the electric broom to easily vacuum even deep dirt. As for autonomy, in this case the company ensures 40 minutes of continuous use.

Dyson Cyclone V10

The Dyson Cyclone V10 is an update of the previous model, and has received optimizations and improvements that make it even more suitable for those looking for one of the best home cleaning solutions. In this case, in fact, the engine reaches 125,000 rpm, and despite being more powerful than the V8, it boasts a 20-minute longer range and lower noise. Also, compared to the previous model, it has a 40% larger container and an improved filtration system.

Dyson V11

Let's go up another level and find the Dyson V11 which, until recently, was the top model of the well-known brand. In this case we find technologies that will allow this electric broom to automatically set the suitable power based on the surface. In practice, this means that if it is used on smooth floors with little dust, the broom will set the power to minimum, and then increase it when it finds more dirt or when the brush recognizes that it is on a carpet. , without you having to lift a finger. With this model, the autonomy improves further, reaching 120 minutes of use without loss of performance.

Dyson V15 Detect

At the time of our writing, the Dyson V15 Detect is the best model Dyson has ever produced and arguably , the best electric broom ever. The main innovations introduced concern the presence of the integrated laser on the brush, just like the Dyson Outsize, and an intelligent system that will show you in detail, through a beautiful LCD display, how much and what kind of dust the device has collected. A feature that, at present, only this model can boast, as well as the power, which unfortunately on the latter model has ensured that the autonomy dropped from 120 minutes to 60 minutes. Anyway, for those who want the best vacuum cleaner ever, the solution is called Dyson V15 Detect.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner Dyson

As you may have already understood if you have analyzed every single model and, as anticipated in the introductory phases, the Dyson electric brooms are the best solutions for those who want maximum performance in terms of suction power and technologies to understand the type of surface on which you are cleaning at a given time. However, as we will see below, some models may not suit your specific need or, on the contrary, may prove to be well above effective. Below, therefore, we will report what are the factors to take into consideration when purchasing a Dyson brand electric broom, then indicating at the bottom, in a summary way, the model that you should aim for according to specific needs.


Since any Dyson vacuum cleaner will be able to vacuum flawlessly, despite some models more powerful than others, the factor that plays the most important role, in our opinion, are the accessories in the package. Although many models look similar, they actually have different nomenclatures, which indicate the presence or absence of certain accessories included in the package, which could make a difference. In this regard, you should know that, for each Dyson model, there are 4 variants that take the name of Absolute Pro, Absolute, Animal + and Motorhead.

Absolute Pro: it is the most equipped, therefore suitable for those who need to clean the most disparate surfaces. In addition to the electric broom, in fact, in the package you will find a roller brush, a bristle brush, 4 nozzles, one of which is motorized, a larger tube and the jointed insert. Absolute: the accessories included in the package are the same as the Pro variant, except for the larger tube and the jointed insert. Animal +: the name already says it all, since this is the most suitable variant for those who own animals at home. It is equipped with a bristle brush and a motorized nozzle, which is combined with 3 other nozzles to clean various surfaces. Motorhead: it is the most suitable for those who prefer only the essentials, and that's why inside the package you will find only the bristle brush and two nozzles.

Which model to choose

Having said that, some may prefer to receive well-targeted advice, which is why we have decided to compile a short buying guide that will allow you to go without saying.

Portability -> Dyson Micro Maneuverability -> Dyson Omni Glide For large floors -> Dyson Outsize For those who want to save -> Dyson V8 Autonomy -> Dyson V11 For those who want the best -> Dyson V15 Detect

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