What did the Council of Ministers decide on the green pass

What did the Council of Ministers decide on the green pass

From 6 August it will be mandatory for all types of events open to the public and to consume indoors sitting at the table in bars and restaurants. Still no indication regarding transport, work and school

The President of the Council of Ministers Mario Draghi (photo: Roberto Monaldo / Getty Images) From next August 6 the green pass will be mandatory to go to the cinema and theater, for consume indoors in restaurants or at the table in bars and to participate in all kinds of events open to the public (but not at mass). On the other hand, educational centers for children, summer camps and related catering activities are excluded from the use of the green pass. This is what was decided yesterday, July 22, during the Council of Ministers called to launch the new measures to contain the coronavirus infection, in particular due to the spread of the Delta variant. Despite this, no decision has yet been made on school, which remains a secondary priority of the government, despite the not very encouraging data on the level of Italian education recorded after the middle and high school exams.

Green pass obligation

For all people aged 12 and over, green passes will become an essential tool for participating in many activities in public places. As mentioned, it will be necessary to consume indoors on the premises, while it will not be used to consume at the counter or outdoors. It must be presented to participate in outdoor events, indoor shows and for entry to swimming pools, gyms and to participate in competitions. It will be enough to have received a single dose of vaccine, a negative swab or the certificate of recovery from Covid-19, while it will be the responsibility of the operators to verify that access to their activities takes place in compliance with the established rules. In the event of a first violation, both the customers and the owners or managers of the activities will be sanctioned with a fine ranging from 400 to one thousand euros. If the violations were to be repeated three times on three different days, the business could be closed from a minimum of one day to a maximum of 10.

As regards the obligation to have a green pass in the workplace o To use public transport, the government has not yet made a decision, either on the local one or on the long-distance one. Complete silence also on the indications for starting the new school year and returning to school. Although the pandemic has highlighted the serious problems inherent in the Italian education system, hit by two years of distance learning and decades of cuts in public funds, make sure that the necessary conditions are in place to guarantee face-to-face teaching for all female students and students, it seems to be a question that can still wait. Instead, it would be necessary to act in time and with foresight, given that over 200 thousand units of school staff have not yet been vaccinated even with a dose and in some regions peaks of 43% of staff still exposed to all the risks of contagion are reached. br>

New parameters for the yellow zones

The decree confirmed the change of the parameters for the color change of the regions. The transition from the white to the yellow zone will take place when the threshold of 50 cases per week per 100 thousand inhabitants is exceeded, when 10% of the beds occupied by Covid-19 patients in intensive care and 15% in ordinary hospitalizations will be occupied. To enter the orange zone, 20% of the places in intensive care must be exceeded and 30% in the ordinary wards, while for the red zone the threshold is 30% and 40%.

Prices of tampons

Given the mandatory nature of the green pass for most social activities, the government has reached an agreement on the price of anti-Covid-19 tests. The tampons will then be sold and made at cost price, at least until 30 September 2021.

State of emergency and smart working

Finally, the national state of emergency has been extended until next December 31st. The extension will ensure the government can continue to issue dpcm, administrative decrees that do not need to be approved by Parliament, and will keep the bodies set up to control the pandemic, such as the technical-scientific committee and the commissioner structure, in operation. Furthermore, the possibility of accessing the so-called simplified smart working, that is the possibility of working from home without an individual agreement between worker and company, will remain active until next December 31.

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