These are the top 10 party games for 2021 to play in couch co-op

These are the top 10 party games for 2021 to play in couch co-op

Is there anything better than a game night with good friends? Hardly likely! In this special + video we present you the ten best party games for playing together on the couch - and everyone can join in! Party games are a dime a dozen these days, but here we only introduce you to absolute top titles with which you can easily spend entire evenings. From Mario Party to Overcooked to Broforce, there is something for every taste!


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Page 1 10 best party games: The first 5 games 1.1 Tricky Towers 1.2 WarioWare 1.3 PlayLink 1.4 FIFA & PES 1.5 Broforce Page 2 10 best party games: The second 5 Games 2.1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2.2 Mario Party 2.3 Overcooked 2.4 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 2.5 The Jackbox Party Pack Page 3 Image gallery for "These are the top 10 party games for 2021 that you can ... unfold in couch co-op

Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers is not only a very fun, but also super accessible representative of the party games. In the physics-based game, you compete to stack blocks to form a tower. Whoever builds the tallest tower wins! But be careful: your fellow players make your life hell with evil curses! You have to use your own magic to defend your tower. Three modes with slightly different objectives are available in Tricky Towers, but they all have one thing in common: You can just sit down on the couch together and start playing without much explanation! This is possible with four people in front of the same screen or online with players from all over the world. There is also a single player mode, but Tricky Towers is made for multiplayer - whether on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PC. Buyer's guide to party games: The 10 best games to play together (1) Source: Games Aktuell


Everyone knows minigames, but have you ever had anything to do with microgames? This is exactly what one of the best party game series revolves around: WarioWare! Offshoots of the series have been released for various Nintendo consoles since 2003, the principle is always the same: Highscore hunting in the tiniest mini-games - microgames. From building robots to removing armpit hair, everything you can imagine is included.

Every WarioWare offers hundreds of microgames, so you never get bored and every match is unique. The games are absurd, crazy and entertaining. Nintendo recently announced the latest installment in the series, which will hit the Switch in September 2021: WarioWare: Get It Together! So it's best to mark September 10th in your calendar - with the new WarioWare, the microgame madness will then find its way onto the Nintendo Switch! Buyer's guide to party games: The 10 best games to play together (2) Source: PC Games


What causes loud laughter and a not inconsiderable number of insults - only that, of course are meant to be friendly? Sony's Playstation-exclusive PlayLink series! PlayLink relies on smartphones and tablets for player input instead of controllers. This opens up completely new party game possibilities! A total of six different PlayLink titles have been released so far, That's You and Knowledge is Power are particularly noteworthy.

That's You relies on a simple but very fun game concept: Party quiz - but with questions about the other players! Would you like some examples? Who is the worst cook around? Who is most likely to survive in the wild? And so on. By integrating your own questions and a lot of interactivity between the players, the perfect game is created for a game evening together on the couch. Knowledge is power is also a quiz game, albeit of the classic type. This is about general knowledge and the goal of being the smartest. Fans of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? And Co. get their money's worth with PlayLink.


When football is on, football is always on! The favorite sport of the Germans has been a fixture in the field of video games for decades. First and foremost here are FIFA and PES - and both are also wonderfully suitable for short and entertaining party game evenings! You don't have to be a football fan for that. The authentic presentation and the high degree of interactivity alone ensure a lot of entertainment. Thanks to real-life stadiums and countless original licenses in FIFA, everyone can find a club they enjoy playing with. PES, on the other hand, delivers an even better football feel than the competition from EA. And both achieve one thing: They ensure entertaining game evenings without any major explanations - just put the controller in your hands and off you go!


Do you want to answer the proud call of your bald eagle with shining eyes Saluting in front of the US flag and working with your bros to bring democracy to Veetnam and Irakishtan? Then finally sit down on the sofa, grab your controller and get Broforce - another absolutely terrific party game title! Buyer's guide party games: The 10 best games to play together (3) Source: play4 / PC Games

In the humorous action adventure you slip into testosterone-bursting characters with an 80s vibe and slice your way through countless challenging missions . Explosions guaranteed at every corner! Together with three other players you can form a squad and clean up the game world in co-op. The level of difficulty is crisp and lots of different offices with different skills provide variety - either on Playstation, PC or Nintendo Switch.

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